A Review of Apothic Dark Wine: Is This a Great Bottle?

Apothic Wines History “Apotheca” was the inspiration for the name Apothic. During 13th century Europe, wine was blended and stored in this mysterious and enigmatic place. The wines have intense aromas, tasting notes, and bold flavors because they are crafted using only the most distinct California grapes. Moreover, the winemaker tries to give the grapes … Read more

Christmas With Chateau Ballan Larquette – Special Offer

We promised that we woud be significantly reducing some of your favourite wines as a special thank you for all your support this year and we have slashed our popular selection of wines from Chateau Ballan Larquette to £7.64 a bottle.  Ballan Larquette produce the complete range of traditional Bordelaise wine from their flagship Claret to sophisticated … Read more

Chateau Le Rondailh – Exceptional Wine

Chateau Le Rondailh, owned by the Pallaruelo family for several generations in Sainte Foy La Longue, makes an unusual Bordeaux wine. Their semi-sweet white wine is a Bordeaux Moelleux which we don’t often see feted outside France.  The AOC Bordeaux Moelleux is difficult to pin down; its meaning has become somewhat lost in translation.  When used … Read more