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Hi, my name’s David Bowen, and wine and its nearly endless variations and fascinating history is the love of my life. While other young men chose to idle their twenties away in pubs and clubs, I traveled to France to learn how to become a sommelier to feed my thirst for wine-centric knowledge.

Having spent most of my adult life working in and around vineyards I started Bordeaux Undiscovered as a way to share my of, and for wine with anyone who wanted to discover the deepest, richest reds and light, refreshing whites that are freely, and readily available. Salut, welcome to Bordeaux Undiscovered, and may your glass always be half full…

Bordeaux Undiscovered is a website devoted to wine understanding and appreciation. Our goal is to allow readers to gain a deeper understanding of wine through learning.

We want to help more people enjoy wine, not just as a drink, but as a way to explore the world and ourselves.