How Much Does a Case of Wine Weigh?

Perhaps you own a restaurant or bar, or maybe you are just a wine lover. Whichever you are, it is likely that you have ordered a case of wine but if you are having it delivered, you will want to know the weight as it will affect delivery costs. In this article, we will take a look at how much a case of wine weighs, taking into account the weight of different sizes of wine bottles.

What is the Weight of One Bottle of Wine?

Before we work out how much a case of wine weighs, let’s look at how much a bottle of wine weighs. 

How Much Does a Full Bottle of Wine Weigh?

The standard size of a wine bottle is 750 ml and this weighs, on average, 2.65 pounds. The amount of wine without the bottle weighs around 1.65 pounds. However, bottles can vary in weight and can even weigh half the total weight so you can’t say that every bottle of wine weighs the same.

How Much Does an Empty Wine Bottle Weigh?

As we have said, not every empty bottle of wine weighs the same. It can depend on its design, the quality of the glass, and, of course, the size of the bottle. The average weight of an empty 750 ml wine bottle is 1 pound. However, they can range between 0.66 pounds and 1.98 pounds. 

How Heavy Are the Different Wine Bottles?

We’re sure that you know that wine comes in bottles of different sizes, so you need to know the weights to work out delivery charges. Usually, a case will contain standard-size wine bottles but this is not always the case so we’ve made a chart with the different-sized wine bottles, their weight, and how many glasses they serve. 

Type of Bottle                       Weight                             Number of Glasses

Piccolo                                          0.66 lbs.                             1.25 glasses

Demi                                             1.32 lbs.                             2.5 glasses

Half-liter                                       1.76 lbs.                             3 glasses

Standard                                        2.65 lbs.                             5 glasses

Liter                                              3.53 lbs.                             6 glasses

Magnum                                       4.64 lbs.                             10 glasses

Jeroboam                                      10.6 lbs.                             20 glasses

Rehoboam                                     16 lbs.                               30 glasses      

Methuselah                                    21.2 lbs.                           40 glasses

Balthazar                                       42.4 lbs.                           80 glasses

Nebuchadnezzar                            53 lbs.                             100 glasses

Melchior                                        63.6 lbs.                          120 glasses

Solomon                                        70 lbs.                              130 glasses

Sovereign                                      92.75 lbs.                          166 glasses

Primal                                           95.4 lbs.                            180 glasses

Melchizedek                                 106 lbs.                             200 glasses

What is the Weight of One Case of Wine?

The average case of wine contains 12 standard bottles of 750 ml each. Each bottle weighs around 2.6 pounds so for a case of a dozen wine bottles, you can expect the case to weigh around 31.2 pounds. However, if you are having the case delivered, you have to consider other factors, such as the weight of the corks in each bottle and the weight of the case itself. These will also add to the weight of the case and add to the delivery cost. 

What Does an Empty Case of Wine Weigh?

You need to factor in the weight of the empty wine case when working out your delivery costs. It is also useful to know this when considering how you store the cases. The heavier they are, the bigger they will probably be. When it comes down to it, a wooden wine case weighs between 5 and 10 pounds. 

What Does a Wine Cork Weigh?

On average, a wine cork weighs 0.20 pounds.

What is the Total Weight of 1 Case of Wine?

We can only give an average weight as even standard empty bottles can vary in weight. However, working on this basis, we must take in the average weight of the full wine bottles, the weight of the wooden case, and the weight of the corks. Doing this, we get a result of 38. 6 pounds. The calculation is done in this way – (12 wine bottles x 2.6 pounds per bottle) + (12 corks x 0.20 pounds per cork) + 5 pounds case weight. This equals 38.6 pounds but, as we have said, this is just an average. You could add on a couple of pounds for extra packaging and labels. 

How Heavy is a Case of 6 Bottles of Wine?

This is an easy one if you are considering 6 bottles of wine of the standard size of 750 ml of wine per bottle. As a case of 12 standard bottles weighs on average, 38.6 pounds, a case of 6 standard bottles of wine weighs approximately 19.3 pounds. 

A Chart Breaking Down the Weight of a Case of Wine

Description                                   Weight 

Empty 750 ml bottle                         1 lb.

Full 750ml bottle                               2.65 lbs.

1 cork                                                   0.20 lbs.

1 wooden case                                    5 lbs.

12 full bottles                                     31.2 lbs.

Total weight of a case                       38.5 lbs.

Can I Purchase More Than 1 Case of Wine?

Of course, you can buy as many cases of wine as you want. You will possibly want to do this if you own or run a wine shop, a bar, or a restaurant.

However, you need to consider how economical it will be, the amount of space you have to store the wine, and whether you are going to pick the cases up or have them delivered. If you pick up the cases yourself, it will be cheaper but have you got a vehicle big enough to carry all the cases?

However, if you are having the cases delivered, the more cases you order, the heavier the truckload, and then the more fuel that will be used, bringing up the cost of delivery. 

It is good to know all the terminologies connected with delivery such as pallets and containers. If you are aware of this, it will make it easier for you to negotiate with the supplier. Let’s take a look at some of these issues.

How Many Wine Cases Are There in a Pallet

If you are looking at wine cases holding 12 bottles of wine each of a standard size of 750 ml., a pallet will hold 56 cases of wine.

What is the Weight of a Pallet of Wine?

If we consider the average weight of a case of 12 bottles of wine, which is 38.6 pounds, then the total weight of a pallet of wine is 2,162 pounds. You need to know this when working out shipping costs. 

How Many 6 Bottle Cases Are in a Pallet?

You can buy cases of 6 bottles of wine of the standard size of 750 ml. If this is better for your storage space, then you can double the number of cases. However, for safety, it is better to arrange the cases in 5 layers.

This will help prevent breakage. If this is done, you will have 5 layers of 28 cases, resulting in 140 cases of 6 x 750 ml bottles of wine. This would mean that the total weight of the cases is 2,226 pounds.

How Many Bottles of Wine Are in a Pallet?

If you have a pallet of 56 cases of wine, each holding 12 standard bottles, you will have 672 bottles. If, however, you are going for the 6-bottle cases, you will have 840 bottles of wine. 

How Many Bottles of Wine Does a Container Hold?

If you are ordering in bulk, you will want to know how many cases of wine will fit in a container as if you need more than 1 container, you can expect higher delivery costs. You don’t want to have a case over and then pay for a whole container for that case. 

If we look at a 20-foot container, it can hold about 10 pallets or, in other words, 560 cases of wine. If the container is 40 feet, it will take 20 pellets or, in other words, 1,200 cases. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Ordering Wine by the Case?

If you are thinking about ordering wine by the case, you need to know the pros and cons before making a final decision. We have listed the pros and cons here.

The Pros of Buying Wine by the Case

  1. If you are holding a big event such as a birthday party, a wedding, or a bachelorette party, it is useful to order the wine in bulk rather than going to the store and buying individual bottles. This is especially useful if you know that a lot of your guests drink wine. Many wine suppliers will even provide a mixed case of wine so you can get both red and white wine and then cater to different tastes. 
  2. Many wine suppliers will give you a discount if you order by the case. This can range from 10& to 20%. Probably, the more cases you order, the greater the discount you will get. If you own a bar or restaurant, this will help to increase your profits.
  3. If you are a wine connoisseur, you may want to test how a wine ages. You can store the wine in a cellar and then open a bottle every 2 to 3 months to see how it is aging. Not all wines age that well, especially the cheaper bottles but you can test on more expensive wines which are usually more age worthy. Wines from the Old World, such as the vineyards in Burgundy and Bordeaux, are prime examples of wines that age well. Trying the wines every few months will allow you to see how the aromas and flavors change over time. 
  4. If you have a case of wine, you will always have some on hand if you have surprise visitors or even if you suddenly feel like a glass of wine. 

The Cons of Buying Wine by the Case

  1. Because wine should be stored in a cool dark place so that it doesn’t deteriorate in quality, you really need a cellar if you want to store multiple bottles of wine. 
  2. Although you may save money buying cases of wine, the initial layout can be off-putting. Ensure that you really need this much wine before you order the case.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now know how much a case of wine weighs and how much wine you are going to get for this weight.

Keep the charts we have given you on hand and you should have no problems deciding on whether to order a case or two of wine.

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