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Best Wineries in Livermore

The Livermore Valley is one of California’s oldest wine-producing regions. The first grapes were planted there in the mid-18th century by Spanish missionaries. The Valley is surrounded by mountains resulting in warm days and cool nights, which helps retain acidity in the ripening grapes.  There are 4,000 acres of vineyards under cultivation in the Livermore … Read more

Wineries in San Antonio, Texas

The loam soil in the San Antonio area of Texas is perfect for cultivating grapes. Because of this, there are many wineries and wine bars in San Antonio that you can visit for a tasting or just to enjoy a glass of wine. You can visit on your own or you can book a tour … Read more

The Best Wineries in Geneva, Ohio

It’s not only on the west coast of the US that you will find excellent wineries but you will also find great wines being produced in the Midwest. In this article, we are going to take a look at Ohio’s wine scene, in particular the wineries in Geneva.   1 – The Winery at Spring Hill … Read more

Missouri Wineries

If you are a lover of wine, chances are that you have visited wineries for a tasting. You may not associate Missouri with wine but there are many vineyards and wineries in the state. If you are visiting, why not take a journey to discover the best wineries on offer? We have chosen 13 of … Read more

How Much is a Serving of Wine?

If you drink wine on a regular basis you will know how much a serving of wine is but if you are new to wine, you may be unsure. Is every serving of wine the same size or does it vary? In this article, we will be taking a look at how much wine you … Read more

Why Does Wine Make Me Horny?

When you drink alcohol, changes happen to your body, which will vary according to how much you drink. If you drink moderately, it can be fun but if you go over the top, you can become ill and have a hangover the following day.  Perhaps you have felt sexually aroused when drinking wine and maybe … Read more

Italian White Wines

Italy is well-known for its wines and wineries. Red, white, and rose wines are produced as well as sparkling wines. In this article, we are going to focus on Italian white wines. They are fragrant, have light acidity, and some have a lower alcohol content than other white wines. How is White Wine Produced? White … Read more

How Much Does a Case of Wine Weigh?

Perhaps you own a restaurant or bar, or maybe you are just a wine lover. Whichever you are, it is likely that you have ordered a case of wine but if you are having it delivered, you will want to know the weight as it will affect delivery costs. In this article, we will take … Read more

What To Do With Wine Corks

Many of us enjoy a glass or two of wine but we probably just throw the wine corks in the trash. After all, what use are they? Well, we’re here to tell you that you can use them in all sorts of DIY projects so keep them and make some interesting items either for yourself … Read more