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Beef Stew Wine Pairings

If you have a glass of wine with a beef stew, it can take the stew to another level. You might think that a stew is a simple meal, but you don’t just have to produce an easy meal. Beef bourguignon, beef stroganoff and beef curry are all examples of beef stews and will need … Read more

The Best Wine to Pair with Sushi

When you think about sushi, you probably consider pairing it with soy sauce, wasabi, which is Japanese horseradish, or fresh ginger. Drinks may be the last thing on your mind, but guess what, you can pair sushi with a glass of wine. It will add something special to your dining experience and you probably won’t … Read more

Autumn Recipes and Wine Pairing at Bordeaux-Undiscovered

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops we have some warming suggestions to tempt your taste buds! We have compiled an exclusive range of Autumn recipes complete with wine pairings for you to try. We have some fabulous French recipes covering a wide range of seasonal Casseroles and Stews. The word “stew” actually comes from … Read more

Bordeaux Wine with Rabbit Goulash

Goulash is an ancient Hungarian dish which uses Paprika and Garlic. It’s thought that Christopher Columbus introduced Paprika to Europe having found it as a domesticated plant among the Native American people (the explorers named it ’Indian pepper’). The pepper plant adapted to the Mediterranean climate and from Spain it was introduced to Southern France … Read more