Recipes/Food and Wine Pairing

Chinese Food is the UK’s Favourite

A poll undertaken by Sharwoods has shown that Chinese food has overtaken Indian food to become Britons’ favourite international cuisine. Chinese dishes such as Sweet & Sour and Chow Mein are now more popular than our old favourite Tikka Masala. Researchers found that 39% cent of people preferred Oriental flavours out of a poll of 3,000 … Read more

Valentine’s Day and the Year of the Tiger

As the Year of the Tiger arrives on Valentine’s Day on 14th February Chinese people will have a double celebration this year, Many countries in Asia are planning a tiger-themed Valentine’s Day with tiger-themed gifts with Tiger Lilies replacing roses and Tiger’s Eye stones being popular. However unlike previous Valentine’s Days when couples marry in mass weddings, … Read more

Beat the Credit Crunch With Your Christmas Turkey and Wine

According to the Daily Mail the credit crunch is having an effect on our Christmas turkey as Christmas turkeys will cost an astonishing £70 for a 22lb (10kg) bird this year – that’s 75% more than last year. However the British Turkey website says that the average weight of a Christmas turkey is 12lb (5.5kg) so the £70 headline … Read more

Olives and Wine

You can compare Olive Oil with wine. Its quality and taste is influenced by geographical factors such as soil and region, similar to the terroir in Bordeaux. You also have good and bad olive years, depending on the weather during a certain season. The quality depends much on the care of the growers and producers. There … Read more

Cremant d’Alsace

Cremant d’Alsace is the sparkling wine that Champagne makers drink! If you haven’t tasted it yet you have a treat in store. Cremant d’Alsace Joseph Pfisner is traditionally made, a pale yellow colour with a dense, very fine mousse lasting to the last sip in the glass. It is very fruity on the nose with … Read more