Profit Warning for Chinese Fine Wine Producer?

Doug Yong writing for the South China Morning Post has warned that the Chinese wine bubble is about to burst. He is not referring to the Bordeaux bubble where wealthy Chinese rushed to acquire top flight wines and vintages at high prices but one closer to home: “A new profit warning from Dynasty reflects a bursting bubble … Read more

Chinese Wine is a Hit in Europe

Felicity Carter, writing for Meininger’s Wine Business International, has reported that Chinese Wine is a hit in Europe:  “Ice wine from Chinese wine producer Changyu will be served on Lufthansa’s first class Asian routes, beginning in Autumn 2012. This follows the success of the Changyu Cabernet D’Est in penetrating Europe’s markets.” “We are very successful with these … Read more

Shops Forced to Sell White Wine in China?

I spotted a story in the China Daily Newspaper which reported that the local government of Maotai town in Renhuai city, Guizhou province, recently announced that all shops in Huaimao South Road should sell white wine, and ordered the forcible closure of shops that did not. The China Daily goes on to say that “this move is nothing … Read more

Fake Wine from China in the UK?

There have been a number of reports circulating in the press about fake wine being sold in the UK. Apparently hundreds of bottles of fake Jacobs Creek have been seized recently. At first glance the bottles look like the real thing but on closer inspection the labels have spelling mistakes on them – for example there is a … Read more

Wine Producing Regions in China

Given the fact that China is now the 10th largest wine producer in the world I thought it would be useful to have a look at the main wine producing regions in the country. Grape growing areas in China mainly concentrate in Shandong, Hebei, Ningxia and Xinjiang provinces and has a useful section on the regions. Shandong … Read more

Chinese Mao Tai

Mao Tai is China’s national drink and was designated as such in 1951, two years after the founding of People’s Republic of China. It is named after the town of Mao Tai in Guizhou province (in south west China) where the drink originates from. It is made from wheat and sorghum with a unique distilling process … Read more