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Chateau Vary’s Story: Crossing the Borders in Search of Good Wine

Good terroir doesn’t stop at borderlines drawn on maps and if you know where to search you can unearth some wonderful discoveries. One of France’s best kept secrets is a little wine making region that sits at the foot of … Continue reading

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Wine Owners – A Smart Solution to Trading Wine

Over the years we have seen comparison sites and trading platforms proliferate over the internet. They are a useful tool and cover everything from insurance, electricity and gas, shopping and investments etc. In the past if you wanted to value … Continue reading

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Wine Making and Severe Weather – The Impact of Golf Ball Sized Hail in Bergerac

Back in August severe weather caused havoc amongst the vineyards with Bordeaux’s Entre Deux Mers, Bergerac and south of Cognac being the worst affected. Violent storms packing golf ball sized hail smashed down on the vines destroying crops. Robin Ruffler … Continue reading

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Guitar Legends Fender Release Wines

Fender is not a name that you would usually associate with wine but the world famous brand responsible for the iconic guitars Telecaster and Stratocaster has just released its first couple of vintages. Fender teamed up with Armida Winery of … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic – There Is No Global Wine Shortage

There is no need to be concerned over the recent media reports of a global wine shortage – the figures have been hyped and the situation exaggerated out of all proportion. Research released by Morgan Stanley set the world’s press … Continue reading

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Wine Tasting – Be Your Own Expert

My son recently pointed me in the direction of an article he had read in The Guardian last June: Wine-Tasting: It’s Junk Science. He thought he agreed with a lot of it – and so do I. Personally I believe … Continue reading

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Drinking with Your Eyes – Wine Labels of The Future?

Wine labels can seduce us into buying a bottle of wine and David Schuemann’s book 99 Bottles of Wine exposes some of the industry’s secrets about the subliminal messages that trick us into making that purchase. Schuemann is the creative … Continue reading

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The Montagnac Selection – Special Offer £75.00: 12 Bottles For the Price of 10

These beautifully crafted wines come highly recommended and are from Vignobles Montagnac, established in 1937, in the Languedoc Roussillon. Their vineyards stretch from the banks of Thau Lagoon to the foothills of the mountains on the right bank of the … Continue reading

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Supermarket Wine Tricks and How To Get A Good Deal

You may have seen BBC Watchdog programme in which Oz Clarke exposed how the supermarkets take us for fools when it comes to buying wine on offer. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Oz and share his concerns about supermarkets. … Continue reading

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Wine Versus Cybersquatting – New Top Level Domains for Wine Producers Need Proper Regulation are reporting that Dacian Ciolos, the EU Agriculture Minister, is seeking a freeze on domain names ending in .wine and .vin. We are used to seeing TLDs (top level domains) of, fr, com, org, info, gov etc – … Continue reading

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