Wine News

Vineyards in USA Grow Marijuana

The Independent has reported that vineyards in America’s Washington state are being sold to grow Marijuana – a plant that could surpass grapes in value this year. For centuries farmers have replaced one crop with another as climate and its conditions have forced them to diversify. Last year I blogged about the American Mid West abandoning its grain crops … Read more

Marks and Spencer Bring Lambrusco Back

For those of us old enough to remember it Lambrusco was the Lambrini of the 70s and early 80s – it was cheap, cheerful and quaffable. Lambrusco back then came in a sparkling, sweet red and white and to my mind was the fore runner of the alcopop – but that’s a matter of personal opinion … Read more

Wine From the Sea Bed

I have heard of some strange places to cellar your wine (see my blog Weird and Wonderful Wine Cellars) but now it seems as if the sea bed is becoming quite a popular location. An unusual wine tasting took place last week at Saint-Malo, a northerly French port known for some of the biggest tides in Europe. … Read more

Wines Over Ice?

OK, picture this: it’s hot – so hot the thermometer is suffering from heat stroke and the dog looks as if  it’s had one. You can’t find any solace in the shade and even the paddling pool is tepid. Are you tempted to put an ice cube in your glass of warm red wine? Don’t … Read more

Tokaji – The King of Wines

There is a renaissance taking place in Tojaki. The Telegraph, Wine and Spirits Magazine and Decanter. com have all commented on the rebirth of this most ancient of wines. I used to get a lovingly bubble wrapped bottle of Tokaji for Christmas sent by my Grandfather; it was quite simply, delicious. Tokaji comes from Hungary and has been celebrated by … Read more