Wine News

Celestial Wine – New Wines from Mars . . . and the Moon: Essence de Lune and Extrait de Mars

You might think that wine from Mars or the Moon is a crazy publicity stunt but two world-renowned meteorite hunters from Poligny in the Jura wine region have embarked on a serious wine making adventure. Bruno Fectay and Carine Bidaut have used a process to dilute the particles of celestial bodies specially developed for them by … Read more

The Internet and Wine in France – SOWINE’s 2012 Study

SOWINE is a French marketing and communication agency dedicated to wine, champagne and spirits and assists clients from the strategic planning stage through to developing their communication tools. The sowine/ssi Barometer is the first survey to study the influence of the Internet and new technologies on the behaviour of wine consumers in France and they have just released … Read more

Wine Packaging and Branding – The Fiasco

My last blog on dressing wine bottles with wire netting has got me thinking. The shape and colour of a wine bottle used to tell you a lot about the wine’s identity – just think of the slender green bottles from Alsace, the sloping shoulders of the Burgundy bottle and the high straight sides of Bordeaux bottles. … Read more

Korea and Wine – New Developments

Wine lovers in Korea are frustrated by the high prices on wines which are caused by tax and a cumbersome distribution system but there are moves afoot to combat the situation. Joshua Hall has his finger on the pulse of the wine scene in Korea and is a wine writer and consultant based in Seoul who writes for … Read more

India and Wine – New Developments

Just-Drinks reported recently on the fact that India may lower wine tariffs as part of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the EU that is expected to be finalised this February. Customs duties on wine imported into India are roughly 160%. However State Taxes can also be imposed on top of this as alcoholic beverages are … Read more

A Year In Wine – Top Wine Trends of 2011

I enjoy taking a look back at what has gone before at this time of year and I thought I would highlight some of the miles we have travelled in the world of wine over 2011 and share my thoughts with you. Running both Bordeaux-Undiscovered and Interest In Wine I cover Bordeaux’s wines in all their glory from pocket … Read more

A Look at Wine Glasses – As Art and Luxury Items

A while back I wrote about the Georges Duboeuf’s Nouveau Expression-Be Heard Art Contest. Becky Suriano of Phillipsburg, New Jersey, has been announced as the winner. Suriano is an artist who creates intricately hand painted wine glasses. The contest was judged by Brooklyn graffiti and music artist “Kaves” who reviewed more than 70 submissions from around the … Read more

Wine That Rocks – Grateful Dead’s New Wine

Not so long back I wrote about Heavy Rock and Wine as AC/DC launched a wine collection following on the grand tradition of Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, Motorhead et al. Now new has hit that Grateful Dead have produced a new wine: Steal Your Face Red Blend. Steal Your Face Red Blend joins the ranks of The Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot, Woodstock Chardonnay, … Read more