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Roman Wine – Vintage 1st Century B.C.

A Roman cargo ship dating to the 1st century B.C. carrying 300 wine amphoras has been found off Albania’s coast. The 98 foot long ship is well preserved, however despite most of the amphoras being unbroken the wine has long since disappeared as the seals had perished. The wine is thought to have been the produce … Read more

The World’s Largest Vineyard – 1 Million Acres?

The Daily Mail has reported that a million acre site ripe for transforming into a vineyard has come on to the market:   “The 989,000 acre plot is the biggest ever to come up for sale in the world, and is the same size as Kent and is three-and-a-half times the size of Hong Kong.  Named the Estancia Punta … Read more

Don’t Panic – There Is No Global Wine Shortage

There is no need to be concerned over the recent media reports of a global wine shortage – the figures have been hyped and the situation exaggerated out of all proportion. Research released by Morgan Stanley set the world’s press ablaze with the news of an impending wine shortage but almost as soon as the … Read more

Wine Tasting – Be Your Own Expert

My son recently pointed me in the direction of an article he had read in The Guardian last June: Wine-Tasting: It’s Junk Science. He thought he agreed with a lot of it – and so do I. Personally I believe that a ‘good’ wine is a wine you like and a ‘bad’ wine is one you … Read more

Supermarket Wine Tricks and How To Get A Good Deal

You may have seen BBC Watchdog programme in which Oz Clarke exposed how the supermarkets take us for fools when it comes to buying wine on offer. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Oz and share his concerns about supermarkets. It’s something that I have been concerned about for years and have written about previously. It’s also … Read more

His and Hers Case Special Offer

Our His and Hers Case contains 6 bottles of Chateau Trois Tours 2009 – a fuller bodied Red for Him and 6 bottles of Fleur de Luze 2009 – an elegant White for Her. At just £80.94 delivered to your door, which represents a 17.5% reduction on our normal price. Chateau Trois Tours 2009 Chateau Des Trois … Read more

Robert Parker Steps Down as Editor in Chief of Wine Advocate and Sells Stake to Singaporean Investors

Robert Parker has announced on his website that Lisa Perrotti-Brown, who resides in Singapore, is to take over his role as Editor in Chief at The Wine Advocate. He has also sold a substantial interest in TWA to three Singaporean investors. Parker writes that the investors are “30-early 40ish highly qualified business and technology people and enthusiastic wine lovers as … Read more

Nigeria Shows Potential With Fast Growing Wine Market

I must admit I was surprised to read that Nigeria could be a hidden gem as far as new markets for wine are concerned. Business Daily reports that recent research conducted by Rabobank Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory group, on the global wine market titled “The Road Less Travelled,” has identified Nigeria alongside Mexico, Brazil and Poland … Read more

Happy Christmas!

Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From All at Bordeaux-Undiscovered! Our Christmas card this year was specially designed by my daughter Rosie Stephens and is titled Peace and Goodwill. Thank you for all your continued support and custom over the year!