Wineries in Fredericksburg, Texas

If you enjoy a glass of wine or two, then you will probably appreciate visits to wineries so that you can sample different wines and buy the ones you like. If you live in or are visiting Fredericksburg in Texas, you might be surprised to learn that there are many wineries in the area to choose from. You may be a little overwhelmed with the choice and unsure of which ones to visit. Don’t worry, we are here to help. In this article, we are going to take a look at 14 of the best wineries in Fredericksburg. This will hopefully make it easier for you to choose the best wineries to suit your taste and your pocket.

1 – Fredericksburg Winery

This family-owned winery has been around since 1966. All their wines are made from locally sourced grapes which are flavorful and unique. The owners have used authentic Texan names and phrases to name their wines, such as Maximilian Sunflower – Mourvèdre, and Baron’s Bach Burgundy – Alicante Bouschet. The wines are limited edition and you can only buy them directly from the winery. 

2 – Lost Draw Cellars

Lost Draw Cellars plant grapes that thrive in the semi-arid climate of the area. They produce 17 different wines, including Malbec, Reserve Roussanne, and Sangiovese, all of which are organic. They offer a signature tasting where you can taste five different wines, and a food and wine tasting where four limited-release wines are paired with seasonal small bites. 

They have a wine club which is worth joining as you get plenty of perks. You will receive between four and twelve bottles of wine four times a year. You get complimentary tastings, discounts on merchandise, and invitations to parties. 

3 – Becker Vineyards

Becker Vineyards is one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg. They have vineyards covering 10,000 square feet and 74 fermentation tanks. You can have a tasting at either the vineyards or in their tasting room on East Main Street. You can just turn up unless you are in a group of eight or more when you must book. You get to taste six different wines and at the vineyards, you can also order a charcuterie and cheese board to accompany the wines. 

Becker Vineyards has a wine club where you can choose to receive three, six, or twelve bottles of wine four times a year. You can purchase wines at a discount and get complimentary tastings. 

4 – Pontotoc Vineyard

 If you are interested in the history of the wines you are drinking, Pontotoc Vineyard is a great choice. While tasting your wine, you will be told about the history of the vineyard and the wines produced by the fifth-generation family owners. The grapes are grown in Texas Hill Country and are hand-picked to ensure that the wines are made from the best fruits. The wines are named after historic locations and geological formations in Texas Hill Country. The tasting offers four wines from their unique collection. You can sip your wine in a beautiful garden and purchase a picnic basket to accompany your wine.

5 – Safari Winery

Safari Winery is another family-owned winery and it has been in Fredericksburg for six generations. The family loves to travel and has brought back wines from all over the world, such as Chile, South Africa, and Argentina. 

Safari Winery has a wine club where you can choose to have three, six, or twelve bottles of wine a year. Your membership also gives complimentary tastings, discounts, and invitations to exclusive pickup parties. 

6 – Grape Creek on Main

Grape Creek on Main is the tasting room of Grape Creek Vineyards. You can have a tasting at either Grape Creek on Main or at the vineyard. At the vineyard, you can also tour the entire estate on a tram ride and see the production facilities before your tasting. 

Grape Creek has a wide variety of wines such as Pinot Grigio, Viognier, Pinot Noir Rose, Merlot, and Petite Syrah. 

It is well worth joining their club. If you join on the day of your tasting, you get up to two paid tasting fees credited towards the purchase of three bottles or more. Members’ benefits also include discounts on wines, complimentary glasses of wine, and discounts at their restaurants. 

7 – Augusta Vin

Augusta Vin provides the most expensive wines on our list but they are of the highest quality. They offer two different wine tastings. The standard tasting is five wines. You can choose between red wines, red and white, or rose wines. The elevated tasting is of four reserve wines. If you join their wine club, you get shipments four times a year, 10% off purchases, and complimentary tastings. 

8 – Signor Vineyards

Signor Vineyards is a sixth-generation business owned by a ranching and farming family. Their most famous wine is Signor Estate Tempranillo and the best-rated is Signor Estate Mourvèdre. 

Their tastings consist of four pours from an evolving selection of their wines. The servers are knowledgeable and passionate about the wines and ensure that you have a memorable experience. You can buy a charcuterie board or upmarket sandwiches to accompany your tasting. Join their club and get discounts on all wines, complimentary tastings, and invitations to special events. 

9 – Elk Store Winery & Distillery

Not only does Elk Store Winery & Distillery provide wine, but they offer cocktails, spirits, and food. When it comes to wine, they focus on French wines such as Marche Elan Blanc and P4 Malbec. In the tasting room, you can choose red, white, or mixed wines and you get five tastings out of their 100 globally known wine labels. You can also taste spirits. Step into their bar and have a glass of your favorite wine or a cocktail when you have finished.  

Elk Store Winery & Distillery also has a public lobby where talks are given.

Join their club and get discounts on their wines, wines delivered four times a year, and complimentary tastings. 

10 – Fiesta Winery Fredericksburg

If you go to a tasting at Fiesta Winery, you will also be able to enjoy live entertainment and buy food from food trucks. The tasting offers six wines served in the winery’s stemless wine glass which is yours to take home. After the tasting, you can order a glass of your favorite wine and relax on the patio. If you buy three bottles, your tasting will be complimentary. 

Their club is worth joining as you get discounts on the wines which are delivered four times a year. You can also attend their Wine Club parties.

11 – Texas Wine Collective

Texas Wine Collective is unique as it was formed by three of the best wineries in Texas. You will be able to try top-quality wines when you visit the Collective. 

There are tastings every day, with live music on Saturdays. There is a large selection of tastings to choose from. Try the Signature Tasting for your first visit when you can choose from three tasting menus and then sample five wines. The Texas Cheese & Wine Experience includes five artisan kinds of cheese with your wines. The Rose Room Experience starts with a splash of sparkling wine or rose before tasting more wines with a cheese and charcuterie board. 

Join their club for discounted wines, complimentary tastings, and Club Sunday Member Only events. 

12 – Fat Ass Winery

Fat Ass Winery provides a reasonably priced option but the wines are still good. The tasting includes five award-winning wines, and they give you a complimentary logo glass to take away. On Saturdays, you can join the special tasting. After the normal tasting at the Fat Ass Winery, take a tram ride to their neighboring winery, The Wine Garage, where you taste another five wines. You get a complimentary sangria when you return to the Fat Ass Winery.

The Fat Ass Family Club gives you a 15% discount on wine purchases, complimentary tastings, and invitations to exclusive events. 

13 – Heath Sparkling Wines

Heath Sparkling Wines is an affiliate of Grape Creek Winery which we looked at earlier in this article. It is the first winery in Texas to specialize in sparkling wines. The tasting involves four sparkling wines served with bite-size snacks which complement the wines. The wines have tastes of rhubarb, fig, and olive and the bites range from tapenades to chorizo meatballs. As the seasons change, so do the food pairings. 

Production is limited so you can only purchase the wines at the winery so make sure you buy your favorites before you leave.

It is worth joining their club as you get a 15% discount on purchases of wine and food in the restaurant, complimentary glasses of wine at both Heath Sparkling Wines and at Grape Creek Winery, and free shipping on case orders.

14 – Cross Mountain Vineyards

Cross Mountain Vineyards in Downtown Fredericksburg offers Italian wines such as sparkling Piedmont, Lambrusco, and Abruzzo. They also serve homemade pizzas which pair well with the wines. In the tastings, you can choose from red, white, mixed, sweet, or sparkling wines. After the tasting, enjoy a glass of your favorite wine in their bar or outdoor patio. You will find that the staff is knowledgeable and personable and that the atmosphere is relaxed. 

Their club offers complimentary tastings, discounts, and invitations to special events. You receive wine four times a year. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have inspired you to choose a winery from our selection. As you can see, there are plenty of choices and we have only skimmed the surface. There are prices of wines to suit all budgets and a wide variety of wines to choose from, some local and others imported from all over the world. If you regularly partake in a glass or two of wine, we suggest that you join one of the wine clubs as they give you perks and privileges, from discounted wine to complimentary tastings. 

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