Wine Comparison

Cabernet vs Shiraz – How Do They Compare?

Cabernet and Shiraz are both red wines and they are probably two of the best known and popular red wines out there. However, are they similar wines or are there differences between them? Should you choose one over the other? The answer is subjective. What one person likes, another might not.  In this article we … Read more

Syrah VS Cabernet – How Do They Compare?

Wine enthusiasts will have their favourite wines and these can vary significantly from one person to another. If you are hosting a dinner party you will probably want to get a wine which will pair well with the food you are serving. If you’re not sure, the internet is there to help you and, quite … Read more

Sherry vs Port – What is Fortified Wine?

We are all probably familiar with white wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, reds such as Merlot and Chianti, and sparkling wines such as Champagne and Prosecco. However, in recent years,  there has been a surge in popularity in fortified wines such as Sherry and Port. Madeira is another fortified wine, but we won’t be … Read more