What Sort of Wine Lover Are You?

results online after I have completed the questionnaire. I am amazed by some of the results and if they are the opposite of my own preference I spend a little while considering why.

You come across a few polls in the world of wine and, let’s face it, they are generally used for insights into our buying habits and preferences. Even so, they are still fascinating.

Why do we like polls? Is it because they give an indication of what others are thinking and feeling? Or is it because we like to feel our opinion is heard? Or are they all lies, damn lies and statistics?

I came across one on the French website for the wines of Bergerac (which lies to the east of the Bordeaux wine producing region) Les Vins de Bergerac. It’s entitled What Sort of Wine Lover Are You? and is available in English. I completed it – and I hope Les Vins de Bergerac benefit from the information gleaned.

It’s designed to benefit the user too – by engaging with them and (hopefully) directing them to try the wine, a Bergerac wine, of course.

It’s a nice, informative website and I was drawn into it via their section titled “Wine and Me” – a personal touch which has instant appeal.

They have an introduction which I thought was rather good which begins: “Food and wine pairing is sometimes a puzzle for those who want to get it perfect. But remember that blunders sometimes create beautiful things . . .”

This reminded me that there are two very different sets of wine lovers – those who know what they like and stick to it and those who like to experiment.

Which type are you?

You know I couldn’t resist asking the question! When I am at wine tastings, shows and events – or on the end of the telephone, I can chat away with you about wine to my heart’s content but writing online is a different beast.

I’m delighted when you comment on the Blogs, Tweet to me or drop in on Facebook and I’m grateful that so many of you do! But the web is a fast paced environment and ‘browsing’ is an apt description of the way we use the internet.

Are polls the way forward I wonder? Are a few quick clicks going to be the answer to engaging with your readers? I don’t think so – but I can see their attraction – and their uses.

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