Splash Wines Reviews

The Splash Wines Club, based in Eagle, Idaho, is a family-run business. They know a great deal about wine and spend time establishing relationships with different winemakers so that their customers get some of the best wines out there. All the wines have been tested and selected especially for their customers. 

Splash Wines have been rated as one of the best wine clubs out there due, no doubt, to the fact that they have knowledge about the wine industry. This is backed up by the excellent reviews they have received from customers. 


The subscription is unique in that you have the chance to choose from high-quality wines. Not all wine clubs give this option. Some choose the wines for you making it more likely that you’re not going like one or two of them, if not more. 

Splash Wines have been around for around 15 years. They offer wines from all around the world. In addition, you’re not just limited to red and white wines. They also offer rose and sparkling wine so every wine lover should be happy. They often introduce new wines as well as promoting classic vintages. 

The most popular option they offer is a case of six bottles that come to you every month. This costs $59, but you can save some money on your first order. It comes with a discount voucher which means that you pay just $39 for your first case. You can pay each month, but yearly is also an option. 

Monthly may be too often for you, but don’t worry. You can get wine every two months or even quarterly. The company has various options like choosing a mixture of different colour wines. In addition, there is a vineyard option that costs $10 more and a cellar option that you can get for an extra $20. These wines are of very high quality and are worth the extra cash.

The Length of Membership

One of the best things about Splash Wines is that you can cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked. However, if you have taken out an annual subscription, you have to wait until the end of the period to cancel. In this case, it is probably better to take out a monthly subscription. You can, however, skip an order so you are not tied into buying wine every month.

Shipment Schedule

Another advantage with Splash Wines is the time it takes for them to ship your order. It is shipped one to two days after you have placed your order. You should then receive it up to 5 days after it has been shipped.

There are, however, a few exceptions to the rule. If you live in New York, for example, you can expect your shipment to take seven to ten days. If you want the shipment to go to Oklahoma, Alabama, or Texas (See also Best Texas Wines), the delivery time will be four to ten days. There are some other zip codes that Splash Wines can’t deliver to so you need to check their website before you order.

Membership Benefits

Splash Wines offer extra benefits if you become a member. These include –

  • Discounts on purchases with coupons.
  • You can purchase cards and gift bags if you want to give someone a gift. They also have special gift packs of wine which you can purchase for friends.
  • You get membership awards that you can use when purchasing wines.
  • You can buy wines that you can’t get elsewhere.
  • There are special rewards on your birthday.

Thoughts on the Subscription Service Offered by Splash Wines

One of the best things about Splash Wines is that you are able to choose from a large selection of different wines which have been curated for you by wine experts. 

Another good thing about the wine club is that you can choose the length of your membership from as short as one month to as long as your lifetime.

The price of the wine Splash Wines sell is reasonable and you can get discounts for additional purchases. You also get points each time you buy. These points can be exchanged for money against your next purchase.

Splash Wines send you tasting notes and other information about the wines with your shipment. This will help you to decide what food to pair the wine with. You will be able to impress guests with knowledge about the wines they are drinking.

Splash Wines offer you new wines to try as part of your subscription. Perhaps you are set in your ways as far as wine is concerned, but there’s nothing wrong in trying something new every once in a while. You might discover a new wine that you like.

More About Splash Wines


Although Splash Wines is a relatively new company, the family who runs it has been in the wine business for three generations. They have a lot of knowledge about wines and have put this to good use. They have tried to simplify the process of ordering wines so that it isn’t a hassle. They want you to enjoy the experience of choosing wines in the same way that they want you to enjoy drinking their wines.

Splash Wines looks for the best quality wines out there. They choose wines from all over the world so that you will have as wide an experience as possible. The wines that they sell are offered to you as a member at a fraction of the cost that you would pay at the supermarket or off licence. They also supply information about the wines in your shipment case so that you know what to expect. This can help to increase your knowledge about wine which can impress your friends.

Specs of Splash Wine

  • You can choose either red or white wine or a mixture of both. Rose is also available as is sparkling wine.
  • Each time you purchase a case of wine you get points which you can cash in for discounts.
  • The wine is shipped quickly; between one to two days.
  • The wine is delivered within one to fourteen days of being shipped.
  • The subscription can be taken out monthly, bi-monthly, or yearly.
  • You get six bottles of wine in each shipment.
  • The case of six wines costs $59 including shipping. There are additional options that you can buy.

Pros of Splash Wines

  • You get loyalty rewards and rewards for referring a friend.
  • You can buy more wines on top of your six-bottle cases. There is a discount based on how many bottles of wine you buy.
  • There are gift options.
  • Because they are always trying out new wines, it gives you the opportunity to try out wines you might not have done.
  • There are many choices of wines, including ones you might not have heard about.
  • The club sells high-quality wines.

Cons of Splash Wines

  • It can be difficult to work out how to cancel your membership.
  • Long-term customers are less happy with the club than new members.
  • There are no cellar options for white wines.
  • The company can replace bottles of wine that have run out without asking you what you want.

Finding the Best Bottles of Wine

It can be difficult to know which wine is the best. If you go to an off licence or specialised wine shop, there may be a wine expert who will be able to help you. This is especially true if you go to a  shop which only sells wine. It is highly likely that the staff have been trained and know quite a bit about wine.

A good way to ascertain whether a bottle of wine is great or not is to read the label. A good bottle of wine will have details such as, the grapes used, where the wine was produced, flavour notes, and the ideal temperature at which to serve the wine. Being able to understand the label is one step towards choosing a good bottle of wine. 

It is also useful to learn more about wine in general. The internet is a useful tool for this. You can learn how wine is made and if it is aged. In addition, you can find out what makes wine acidic, what tannins are, and what makes a wine full-bodied. You can also look up different wines. You may want to compare a Chardonnay with a Reisling or a Pinot Noir with a Merlot. 

Wine Basics

Having said all this, we must remember that choosing a great wine is subjective. What you like, another person may hate, and vice versa. You might like a sweet wine, while someone else enjoys a dry wine. There are people who like full-bodied wines while others don’t. There are others who enjoy tart wine or even spicy wine. If you write down the things you like about wine, you should be able to choose a suitable wine. 

Here we will list some of the terms relating to wine.

  • Acidic – If you choose to drink wine with lower acidity, it will have a rich flavour and body. However, a wine with high acidity will be tart.
  • Sweet – You will find that most wine bottle labels will tell you if the wine is sweet, semi-sweet, or dry. If the wine is dry you won’t taste any sweetness at all. It is up to personal preference.
  • Body – Wines can be full-bodied, light-bodied or in-between the two. Again, it’s personal preference as to what you choose. In simple terms, body refers to how the wine feels in your mouth. Red wines are usually full-bodied while white wines are light-bodied. A light red wine like Pinot Noir will fall somewhere in between.  

Where the grapes are grown can ascertain whether a wine is light-bodied or full-bodied. Grapes which are grown in cooler regions like France, tend to produce light-bodied wines, while grapes grown in warmer areas like California and Spain produce full-bodied wines. 

  • Tannins – Tannins are found in the skin of grapes and are phenolic compounds. They determine how bitter the wine is going to be. They are sometimes present in the winemaking process and also in the ageing process. You will find that red grapes will have more tannins than white grapes which is why red wine can taste bitter and make your mouth feel dry. Many people enjoy this experience, but it can make others feel unwell. These people would do well choosing a lighter-bodied red wine or a white wine. Cabernet Sauvignon may not be for them.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol is measured in volume by ABV. Most wines are 11% – 12% , but there are some wines that are higher, even as high as 20%. Some wines are lower, like Moscato which is only 5.5%. If a wine is high in alcohol, you will feel warmth when the wine reaches the back of your mouth. 

There are many different characteristics of wine and we hope that by listing the most important ones, we have sent you in the right direction towards great wines.

Our Tips For Choosing a Good Bottle of Wine

We have some tips for you to help you choose a good selection of wines.

Tip 1 – Know Where to Look

It is interesting that supermarkets put their most popular wines on the middle shelf, which is at eye level for most people. These bottles are usually priced reasonably, but not cheaply. The cheapest bottles of wine, you will find on the bottom shelf. The highest-priced wines are generally on the top shelf. If you know this, it is easy to shop for wine within your budget. 

Tip 2 – Great Wine Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Good wine isn’t always really expensive. There are great wines that cost between $12 and $20. Many excellent winemakers make wine in this price range as well as more expensive bottles. If you get the chance, go to a wine tasting at a winery. It will give you the opportunity to try both medium-priced wines and more expensive ones. It will be up to you to decide if the medium-priced wines are as good as the higher priced ones. Often, you will find that they are. A mistake that a lot of people make is that a $80 bottle of wine is going to be four times better than a $20 bottle. This is usually not the case. Reasonably priced bottles of wine also have great flavour notes and aromas, full or light bodies, and sweetness or dryness.

Tip 3 – The Region the Grapes are Grown is More Important than the Country

Just choosing a country where the wine is produced is not as important as choosing the region. Regions can vary greatly. There will be different soil types, different grapes grown, and different climates which can all affect the taste of the wine. You will get a very different wine from the north of Spain to the south for example. 

Now different regions have become famous for the wines that they produce. We have listed some of these here.

  • Malbec – Uco Valley, Argentina
  • Garnacha – Priorat, Spain
  • Sangiovese – Chianti, Italy
  • Pinot Noir – Anderson Valley, USA
  • Various red wines – Columbia Valley, Washington, USA
  • Moscato – Asti, Italy
  • Prosecco – Veneto

Tip 4 – Exploring New Regions of Wine Production

You may have found wines you like from different regions, but don’t be afraid of trying wines from different regions. There could be a lot of wines out there that you haven’t tried but will like. You can start off slow if you are nervous. If you drink Chardonnay from a certain region, why not try a Chardonnay from a different region. Chardonnay is produced in many different regions and countries and they naturally vary in flavour and aromas. The same goes for any wine which is produced in different regions. If you find a wine from a new region that you like, why not try other varieties that are produced there. If you can, talk to a wine expert who should be able to guide you in the right direction.

Tip 5 – Pair Your Wine with Food

If you intend to serve your wine with food, it is a good idea to look up what wines go with the food you intend to eat. The internet is a great resource for this. It’s also helpful to read the label on the bottle. Often they will give you an idea of what food goes best with the wine. Generally, red meat goes with red wine and white meat and fish pair with white wine. However, this is not always the case and you need to do research. For example, pork, although a red meat, can pair with some white wines like Chardonnay. It is always a good idea to serve a wine that comes from the same country as the food. For example, if you are serving pasta, choose a wine from Italy. If you are serving beef bourguignon, a red French wine will go well. 

Here are some suggestions of what food pairs with certain wines.

  • Beef stew – Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot
  • Spicy sausage – Syrah
  • Barbecues – Merlot
  • Lamb – Pinot Noir
  • Duck –  Reisling
  • Pork – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
  • Turkey – Sauvignon Blanc and  Chardonnay
  • Pizza and Pasta – Chianti and Prosecco
  • Steak – Cabernet Sauvignon   

Tip 6  – Take a Look at Vintage Wines

The main thing here is to look for a current vintage. An older vintage may mean that the flavour will not be as good. Keeping wine for too many years isn’t always the best way to go. Yes, some wines do get better with age, but not all. A good vintage wine will cost more, but the money should be worth it. It would be a wine to serve for a special occasion. 

Tip 7 – Sparkling Wines

There are a lot of sparkling wines out there, but not all measure up to Champagne. Yes, Champagne is expensive and is often used for special occasions, but this doesn’t mean that other sparkling wines aren’t excellent as well. A good tip is to check the label. If it says that the sparkling wine has been made in the traditionelle way, it means that the wine has been made in the same way as champagne. 

Tip 8 – Asking for Help

Don’t worry about asking for help. It doesn’t mean that you don’t know anything about wine. It just means that you want more information. If you are in a wine shop, there will be experts who can tell you more about wine. It won’t be long before you understand more about wine, especially if you do research on the internet. 

Now that you have read these tips, you should be well on the way to choosing a great bottle of wine. Yes, it may take a little time, but if you are interested in wine, it will all be worth it in the end. 

Alternative Options to Splash Wines

When you are looking to join a wine club, you are bound to look at different ones so you can compare them and decide which is the best for you. We love Splash Wines, but we will give you some alternatives so that you can choose.


WSJwine delivers a case of 12 bottles of wine quarterly. There isn’t an option to get wine monthly. They offer wines from all around the world so you get to taste new and exciting wines. They generally sell bottles that cost around $12.

WSJwine Specs

  • The cost of the membership is $149 for a 12 bottle case of wine.
  • Each shipment costs $19.99 in shipping. There may also be additional taxes.
  • You can receive 12 bottles of white or red wine. Alternatively, you can have a mixture of red and white bottles in your case.
  • The wine club is available in most US states, but not all so you will need to check before joining.

WSJwine Pros

  • The wines are affordable and are a great choice for those who are on a budget.
  • Wine experts have tasted some of the wines WSJwine offers. The general consensus is that the wines are excellent and are a great introduction to new wines. 
  • WSJwine offers wine from all over the world.
  • The white wines are very high in quality for the price you pay.
  • The bottles cost around $12 each which is reasonable. In the supermarket, they would cost $15 or more, so you are getting a bargain.

WSJwine Cons

  • Unlike the white wine, the quality of the red wines is not so high and is a bit disappointing.
  • The shipping charge of $19.99 per shipment is high compared to other wine clubs.
  • There are other companies that are a little more expensive, around $170, but the quality of the wine is higher.
  • WSJwine only ships quarterly, not monthly.

Wine Insiders

Wine Insiders have been in the wine club business for more than 30 years so they have a lot of experience. They have won quite a number of awards recently for selling high-quality wine at a reasonable price. If you are on a budget, but like good wines, this club could be for you. 

Wine Insiders have wine experts working for them that will help you to choose the perfect wines for you.

Wine Insiders Specs

  • You can choose to take out a three-month membership, a six-month membership, or a year’s membership.
  • A three-month membership costs $112.98, a six-month membership, $216.60, and a twelve-month membership, $389.88.
  •  You can have red or white wine or a mixture of both.
  • There are gift options so you can send wine to your friends.

 Wine Insiders Pros

  • They sell high-quality wines despite some of the bottles only retailing at $5.99.
  • You can choose red or white wine or both.
  • There are fifteen bottles delivered in each shipment. There are also special offers so you can save money.
  • There are some months when shipping is free.
  • Multiple gift options.
  • Wine Insiders are known as one of the best value wine clubs.

Wine Insiders Cons

  • There aren’t many vintage options.
  • There are no unique bottles.
  • There isn’t an opportunity to buy high-quality wines.
  • Placing an order can be complicated due to their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason behind choosing a wine club?

There are many excellent reasons for deciding to use a wine club to purchase wine. Firstly, you have your wine delivered to your door, so you don’t have to go to a supermarket or off-license. You might feel overwhelmed by the number of wines available at a store, but with a wine club, you will have experts on hand to give you advice. 

Another advantage is that there are often discounts on the wine. Some clubs give you points when you purchase wine. These points you can exchange for cash against your next purchase or you can allow the money to build up. 

Members of wine clubs have stated that they enjoy receiving wine regularly. Many have said that they are excited to try new wines that the club offers. They have also commented on the high quality of the wines for the price they are offered at.

Are there any benefits of joining a wine club?

There are lots of advantages of joining a wine club although members will give different reasons why they like being part of a wine club. We will list the most important reasons here. Hopefully, they will make you feel like a wine club would suit you.

  • You have the opportunity to enjoy new wines.
  • You can choose a wine club to suit your preferences like how often you get deliveries and what colour wine you get.
  • You will be able to have access to more wine which will expand your knowledge of wine. 
  • You will be able to try out wines that you can’t get anywhere else.
  • You will expand your palate and learn how to pair wines with different foods.

How do I choose a wine club that is good for me?

There are many different considerations to think about when choosing a wine club. First and foremost, you have to decide on what your budget is. This is very important as you don’t want to choose a wine club which leads you into debt. A more economical wine club doesn’t mean that you are going to receive sub-standard wines. Many wine clubs offer good wine at a reasonable price.

The next thing you have to consider is whether you are new to wine or are an expert. If you are new, it is more important that there is someone at the wine club willing to give you advice or at least there are notes on each wine you will be receiving.

You need to choose a wine club which makes it easy for you to cancel your membership if you’re not happy. You don’t want to be tied down to a long-term contract just in case you’re not happy with the wines you are sent.

What are the things I should look for in a wine club?

You need to check on how many bottles you will be getting with each shipment. Some clubs deliver monthly, others quarterly. You have to decide if you will be getting the number of bottles you need. You don’t want to be left with bottles of wine when the next shipment arrives. Some people may think that they are not getting enough wine. They need to find a different wine club ot just go to the supermarket in between deliveries. Belonging to a wine club increases your expertise in wines, so if you need to go to a shop, you will have the knowledge to choose a suitable bottle of wine. 

Another thing you have to look at is the cost of belonging to the wine club. Remember to look for hidden costs such as the fee for the shipment. Some wine clubs charge over the top, making it not financially viable.

You will have to check on the types of wine you can expect to receive. Maybe you want to try new wines, but if you don’t, check that you are getting wine that you like. Also, make sure that you can choose between red and white wine and that you can have a mixture of both. 

The main thing about choosing a wine club is that you get everything you want. Otherwise, there’s no point and you might as well purchase your wine from a store.

What is the cost of wine clubs?

Wine clubs can be reasonably priced, but others can be expensive. However, there is usually one that will suit your budget.  There are clubs that can cost just $40 a month, but others can be over $300. 

You might come across wine clubs that are run by wineries themselves. They are all well and good, but they don’t stock wine from any other wineries other than themselves. Perhaps you like the wines offered by the winery, but if you want to expand your horizons choose a wine club that sources from different wineries. 

You need to decide how much wine you need. Some wine clubs offer just two bottles a month, while others offer twelve or fifteen. 

One of the best ways to decide which wine club to choose is by reading third-party reviews about the club as well as customer reviews. 

The greatest advantage of joining a wine club is that you will save money. Wine clubs are able to offer the cheaper prices because they buy the wine in bilk and so get better prices which they are able to pass onto you. Winemakers also often want to get recognized so they offer special deals to the wine clubs. If you like their wines, you are more likely to go to the store to buy extra bottles of wine that they have produced.

Why Should I Choose Splash Wines?

Splash Wines is a great wine club and we recommend it. It has a number of subscription options and has a wide variety of wines from all over the world. You certainly won’t get fed up with having the same wine over and over as you are given the opportunity to try new wines at every delivery. You can sometimes receive wines that you can’t get anywhere else so you can broaden your horizons There are wine experts on hand to give you advice about the different wines. You don’t have to stick to just one colour of wine in your shipment. Yes, of course, you can just choose white or red, but you can also have a mixture. There are gift options available so you can send wine directly to friends and family. The price of the subscription is reasonable so you won’t be paying an arm and a leg for your wine. To sum up, Splash Wines is a great wine club to join. 

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