Saint Emilion Chateau Merged Into Chateau Quintus

Domaine Clarence Dillon, owners of First Growth Chateau Haut Brion, have finalised their acquisition of Chateau L’Arrosée which will now be merged with their Saint Emilion property Chateau Quintus:

“The Dillon Family are pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of Chateau L’Arrosée by its neighbour, Chateau Quintus.

“By uniting these two exceptional estates we have improved our team’s ability to make one of the very finest wines of Saint-Emilion. This merger of equals will prove that the whole can be greater than the two parts.

I am confident that this vineyard will soon come to rival its Domaine Clarence Dillon siblings as one of the finest wines of our region” Prince Robert of Luxembourg (President, Quintus SAS)


Chateau Quintus was created in 2011 when Domaine Clarence Dillon purchased Chateau Tertre Daugay and renamed it Quintus as it is their 5th estate (Quintus means ‘the Fifth’ in Latin).

New bottles and labels were produced for the wine . . . and thanks to its prestigious new ownership the price is now up to 100 euros a bottle, four times more than under the old name.

Unusually for Saint Emilion, L’Arrosée’s vineyards contain a large percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon and the chateau was renowned for producing elegant wines which some have described as having an almost Burgundian quality.

The estate takes its name from small underground springs which flow 10 metres below ground in the vineyards (arrosée means ‘watered’). It was sold by the Caille family who had owned the estate since 2002.

Domaine Clarence Dillon have also acquired Chateau L’Armont along with L’Arrosée. At the time the sale was announced back in June I was not sure whether the Caille family had kept hold of L’Armont but it’s now confirmed that it too was sold.

Both chateaux will now disappear off the radar as individual entities as they have been absorbed into Quintus – it seems that Domaine Clarence Dillon are keen to boost Quintus’ volume and strengthen its brand.

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