NewAir Wine Cooler Review – Is it Right for You?

Wine coolers are very useful if you enjoy a glass of wine or two. It’s all very well putting your wine in the fridge, but you can’t control the temperature to the nearest degree you want because your fridge will have food in it which most likely needs to be at a lower temperature. You don’t have this problem with wine coolers as you can set the temperature exactly. Many also have dual zones so you can set two different temperatures. Perhaps you want to keep one variety of wine at 9C and another at 12C. If you want to store sparkling wine, you may want it to be cooler.

NewAir has a great selection of wine coolers on offer and they are well worth looking at if you are in the market for a wine cooler. They have coolers that hold different numbers of bottles and have different temperature ranges. Some even give you the maximum outside temperature for the cooler to work at the optimum level. The products are well made which is useful as you don’t want the wine cooler to break down in a short amount of time. 

There are many wine coolers out there and apart from what we’ve mentioned, there are other factors to be taken into consideration. For example, you may want to get a wine cooler that stores 36 bottles, but you have very little space in your home to put a large wine cooler. You may have to downsize. You will just have to get into the habit of refilling your cooler every time you take out a bottle. It’s barely a hardship to do this. 

In this article, we are going to tell you all about the wine coolers NewAir produces and their competition.

Am Alternative Recommendation to NewAir

Koldfront TW247ES 24 Free-Standing Dual ZoneWine Cooler

This wine cooler takes 24 bottles of wine. It has two zones so you can store wine in any one of the two temperatures. There is an LCD display that makes it easy to set the temperature. It has thermoelectric cooling capabilities. We will look at the two different cooling systems a wine cooler can have later in this article. The two systems are thermoelectric and compressor so this is something else to consider when choosing your wine cooler. 

This cooler stores bottles that are 750ml in size. The unit is free-standing so you don’t have to fiddle about trying to install it. You can easily get your bottles out of the cooler as the door swings 180 degrees. 

On the high end, the temperature range is 13.33C to 18.88C and 7.77C to 18.88C on the lower end. 

Who Would NewAir Wine Coolers Appeal To?

There are probably two types of wine drinkers out there. There are those who consider it important to have the exact temperature of their wine and want it stored in the right conditions. They are probably wine connoisseurs, but that is not to say that the casual wine drinker won’t benefit from a wine cooler. Yes, they might not be concerned about having their wine at the exact temperature it should be served at, but it is still a great way of storage and it can also be a learning experience. A wine cooler could easily turn a casual wine drinker into something more.

Different Types of Wine Coolers

There are different types of wine coolers out there, but the main types are compressor units and thermoelectric units. Each of these works in different ways to cool down your wine. One may also be more suited to your storage needs than another. We’ll take a look at each type here.

Compressor Wine Coolers

Compressor units work in a similar way to your fridge in the kitchen. They use a refrigerant substance to cool the unit. This doesn’t mean, however, that the cooler will only have one zone. You can still have a dual-zone compressor wine cooler. The compression cycle removes heat from the internal components and it is an efficient machine. 

The main component of a compressor wine cooler is a vapour compression refrigerant system. This uses a coolant gas to move heat from the inside of the unit. The other three components of a compressor wine cooler are a condenser, evaporator, and an expansive valve.

In some units, the cold air is passed through an aluminium panel and then it is released into the cooler. Some compressor wine coolers have fans that allow for better circulation of the cold air.

One of the advantages of a compressor unit is that it can reach lower temperatures than other types of coolers. They are also capable of storing a large number of bottles and keeping them at the temperature you have set.

Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

The other main type of wine coolers are ones that work on a thermoelectric system. These contain two sheets of metal through which an electric current is passed. They generate heat from one side of the unit to the other. One side gets hotter than the other. The hotter side has a heat sink which helps to dissipate heat throughout the unit. The cold part of this component is inside the wine cooler. It absorbs the heat and this is passed out of the unit. The air in the wine cooler is now cool.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Types of Unit

One of the main disadvantages of a thermoelectric wine cooler is that you can’t cool the unit below 10C. Compressor units can become colder, even down to 3.88C which is way cooler than what you would want your wine to be. However, the lower temperatures are good for speciality wines such as sparkling wine and champagne. 

Another disadvantage of a thermoelectric wine cooler is that it can be a health risk if it is used in areas where the outside temperature is over 26C. All in all, our opinion is that compressor units are a better bet than thermoelectric units.  

We have looked at the different ways a wine cooler can work, so now is the time to look at the pros and cons of NewAir wine coolers.

Pros and Cons of NewAir Wine Coolers

NewAir produces a wide range of wine coolers so it may be difficult to choose which one to buy. However, we’re here to help you choose a NewAir wine cooler. You may be looking at other brands as well, but we will try to persuade you to buy a NewAir unit.

The Pros of NewAir Wine Coolers

  • There are different storage options. If you drink a lot of wine, you can purchase a cooler that takes 32 bottles. If you are a casual drinker, the 12-bottle option might be best for you as you probably won’t want to store too many bottles. A larger unit could mean that you have wasted space in the unit and you are using more electricity than you need to.
  • Most NewAir wine coolers are compressor units. These perform well and cool your wine bottles quickly.
  • Most of the NewAir wine coolers come with an LCD temperature control. This makes it simple to change the temperature of your wine cooler quickly. It is also easy to check that the temperature has remained at the level you chose.
  • In the compressor units, the temperature can go as low as 3.88C. This is useful for those people who like to have their wine really cold. There’s nothing wrong with using a lower temperature than recommended. The choice is entirely up to you. You will find that sparkling wines are delicious at a lower temperature.
  • Some of the units come with adjustable shelves that are made out of wood. This means that you can change your storage space if you want to.  
  • You are able to store wine at different temperatures in the unit as most NewAir wine coolers have dual-zone. If you want to cool one type of wine at 12C and another at 9C, it is entirely possible. 
  • The wine coolers are freestanding and compact so you can put them wherever you want in your home. All you need is an electric socket close by.
  • The wine coolers look great, are designed well and are modern. You can even put one in your dining room to add effect. It will also be easier to replace bottles you have drunk.

The Cons of NewAir Wine Coolers

  • NewAir wine coolers are quite expensive so you might be tempted by cheaper models. However, you get what you pay for and NewAir does produce an excellent range of wine coolers.
  • Some of the units might not be as durable as others. They also might not work as efficiently as other brands.
  • Some users have said that it can be difficult to regulate the temperature inside the unit.
  • Other users have said that storage is a problem. This is a problem in just a few models where the wine may be cramped together. However, this shouldn’t affect the temperature of the wine. The only real problem is that it might be difficult to get the bottles out. 
  • Not all of the units come with a dual-zone cooling facility. However, if you want to cool your wine at the same temperature that’s no problem. Most white wines need to be served at a temperature between 9C – 12C.

Now that we have looked at the pros and cons of NewAir wine coolers it’s time to look at the features of a NewAir wine cooler.

The Main Features of a NewAir Wine Cooler

NewAir wine coolers are unique and innovative. They make a beautiful addition to any room of your house. As we have said, why not keep it in your dining room as you can easily access a bottle of wine during a meal. Your friends will be impressed that you have a cooler just for wine and that you don’t have to keep your wine in your fridge. 

Here are some of the benefits a NewAir wine cooler offers.

LCD Temperature Control

Most of the NewAir coolers come with an LCD temperature control. It gives you an easy opportunity to see what the internal temperature is without having to open the door and let cold air out. It is always sensible to be quick when getting food out of a fridge and the same applies to wine coolers. You need to make a mental note of which wines are in which part of the cooler. It is easy for you to change the temperature as well if the temperature seems to have risen or got cooler.

Not all NewAir wine coolers come with this feature but most of them do. It would be a good idea to choose one that has an LCD display as it makes life easier. 

Dual-Zone Cooling

Most of the NewAir wine coolers have dual-zone cooling. This is great if you want to store wine bottles at different temperatures. Perhaps you have some sparkling wine that needs to be cooler than a bottle of white wine. 

Most of the units that have dual-zone cooling also have an LCD temperature display which means that you can easily set the temperature of both zones. These features will suit the wine connoisseur down to the ground.

Quiet Operation

NewAir wine coolers are quiet which is an advantage if you keep your wine cooler in the dining room. Nobody will be able to tell that it’s on but they will be impressed that the next bottle of wine appears on the table so quickly.

Storage Capacity

NewAir offers different models with the storage space that you want. The coolers can store 12, 15, 27, or 32 bottles of wine. This should suit all different requirements. If you just drink wine now and again, you can go for the 12-bottle model. However, if you like to drink wine on a regular basis, go for a wine cooler with a larger storage space.

It’s only fair that we now take a look at other brands of wine coolers so that you can compare them with NewAir.

Wine Cooler Alternatives

There are a lot of other wine cooler brands out there and it is a good idea to see what they offer. We think that NewAir is an excellent brand, but it is a good idea to look at the competition. 

1. SHETA 35 Bottles Wine Refrigerate Compressor

This unit is run by a compressor which means that the temperature range is large. It goes from a positively cool 4C to a warmer 18C Which means that you can store red wine at the higher temperatures. The unit stores 35 bottles of wine so if you enjoy wine on a regular basis, this would be a good unit to purchase.

2. Smad 35 Bottle Fridge 

This is another wine cooler that has the capacity to store 35 bottles of wine. It is a compressor cooler which means that you can set the cooler at less than 4C which is good for sparkling wine. However, a disadvantage is that it is a single zone so you can only set the temperature for the whole cooler. We think that it’s better to have a dual-zone cooler as it is more versatile.  

3. NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This wine cooler holds 12 bottles so should suit the casual drinker. It is very quiet so if you want to place the unit in your dining room, there won’t be a problem with noise during a dinner party. This cooler has an LCD temperature control and has a built-in circulation fan and a ventilation grid. TIt works with a thermoelectric system but the only problem with a thermoelectric wine cooler is that you can’t get a very low temperature in the unit. The minimum temperature is 10C but if you are happy cooling your wine to this level you’ll be fine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Newair Offer a Return Policy?

Yes, they do. They give you a standard 30-day return policy. By this time you should know if the wine cooler is a fit for you. Perhaps it’s not big enough for what you want. They will be happy to exchange the product for what you think will suit you. If you have problems getting the cooler to work as you expect, there is a team that will give you the advice you need.

Is there a sales tax applied to the order?

Yes, all of their coolers will have a sales tax added to the price. 

Is a compressor unit better than a thermoelectric unit?

We think that a compressor unit is better than a thermoelectric unit because it reaches lower temperatures. If you enjoy sparkling wine this is useful. If you live in a hot country you might enjoy your wine colder than what is recommended.

Our Opinion

We believe that NewAir wine coolers are one of the best out there. They produce different models and sizes. If you think that you only need to keep 12 bottles at a time, there’s no need to pay more to get a 32-bottle model. They also produce both compressor models as well as thermoelectric wine coolers so the choice is yours. The appliances are well-built and come with advanced features which will keep your wine at the temperature you want. Most of their wine coolers have a dual-zone facility so you can store wines in separate areas of the cooler at the temperatures you want. If you are looking for a wine cooler that is reliable go no further. You will get this with NewAir. 

Where Can You Buy NewAir Wine Coolers

You can buy NewAir wine coolers from online sites such as Amazon. You can also buy them from NewAir’s website. 

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