Christmas Feast Case £49.99

Our Christmas Feast Case is packed with goodies for your Christmas dishes and is a special price of £49.99!

I am recommending Rosé wine as the perfect match for Turkey as I don’t believe that red or white wines match it well . . . but a fruity Rosé does! Packed full of flavours of ripe red currants and cranberries Rosé is ideal.

What’s more it won’t make you sleepy – the combination of red wine and turkey are often blamed for the post meal “turkey nap” after Christmas dinner. A few years back researchers found the sleep hormone Melatonin in red grapes. Melatonin is made from Tryptophan, which is also found in Turkeys! No wonder you feel like a snooze!

The Christmas Feast Case contains:

2 x Chateau Roques de Mauriac 2007

Great with a roasted Honey Baked Ham for Christmas Eve. Mouth wateringly, crisp flavours of redcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, pomegranate and cranberry.

2 x Chateau Lamothe Vincent 2009

Perfect with Roasted Turkey for Christmas Day. Bursting with the flavours of ripe red currant, red gooseberries, raspberry, crushed strawberry, cranberries and citrus.

2 x Montagnac Syrah

Ideal for a Cold Meat Supper on Boxing Day. Powerfully flavoured and full bodied with aromas of chocolate, violets, truffles, leather, coffee and black pepper.

6 x Brissonet Rouge

Perfect for Mulled Wine. An aromatic red bursting with ripe flavours of ripe cherries, violets, dark chocolate and blackberries. I’ll pop an easy recipe for Mulled Wine in each case!

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