Chateau Petrus Sets Up Sole Distribution Company – Changes Afoot in Bordeaux?

Jane Anson, writing for, has reported that Chateau Petrus is to be sold through a new company as sole distributor. Petrus is famously one of the most expensive wines in the world and has a rarity factor, acquiring a mystique and a cult following.

Although wines from the Pomerol appellation are not classified, Petrus ranks as a First Growth.

It is owned by the Moueix family – a dynasty of wine merchants (negotiants) from Libourne who have several prestigious estates. Petrus is run separately from their wine trading business and the estate has appointed Christophe Jacquemin Sablon to head a new company, yet to be named, which will be the sole distributor of Petrus wines:

It will be independent of Duclot, the négociant company also owned by Jean-Francois and Jean Moueix.

The 2012 vintage is the last year that Ets JP Moueix will have the exclusivity on Petrus for the export sales, although the chateau will continue to be sold en primeur – it is thought through a larger number of négociants. Some French private customers have always received small amounts of the wine, and will continue to do so.”

Jacquemin Sablon told

We want to identify where Pétrus will be best to be sold, to ensure that customers are able to get hold of it, and to drink it. We don’t want it concentrated in a few hands.”

It seems that changes are afoot in Bordeaux with chateaux taking greater control of the sale and distribution of their wines. Notably the First Growth Chateau Latour parted company with the En Primeur system recently and instead will keep complete control of their wine and sell it when they consider it to be ready for drinking. I wonder what other changes we may see in the future from Petrus?

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