Bogle Wine Brand Review: All About the Winery and Types of Wine

Bogle wines have style and class. You can taste that they have been made with dedication and commitment. The winery is based in California and you are welcome to visit for a tasting. The wines can be bought at supermarkets and off licences all over the US.

Who is Behind Bogle Winery? 

Bogle Winery is a family concern which immediately makes it more accessible. Wine is made to be enjoyed with family and friends and to know that a family is behind the winery is a plus. 

The winery has been in operation for over 50 years. It was a fourth-generation Bogle that started to plant grapes after returning from the Second World War, but it wasn’t until 1966, that 20 acres of vineyards were planted and the family went into business. At first, they grew grapes to sell to other wineries, but in 1978 they began producing wine under their own label. The winery was built the following year. Now, three Bogle siblings run the winery.

Wines Offered by Bogle Winery

Most family wineries usually just produce a few varieties of wine, but Bogle Winery offers 12 which is impressive. 

The Bogle family grows grapes in the vineyards on their ranch. However, they also source grapes from other wineries as they make a large quantity of wine. The other grapes come from other vineyards in California, including Sonoma, Russian River Valley, Mendocino, El Dorado county, and Oakley. These grapes are combined with theirs and if we tell you that the Bogle family has 1800 acres, you can see that they produce a lot of grapes. However, all of their wines are of excellent quality.

Sauvignon Blanc

The Bogle Sauvignon blanc is cold fermented in steel tanks which makes it crisp and refreshing. It tastes like dried herbs and dried citrus with mineral notes.


This wine is fermented in oak barrels and then left to age for nine months. It tastes of vanilla and honeycomb and has an aroma of green apple and pear.

Phantom Chardonnay

This wine is rich and creamy and has aromas of green apple and pear which transform to flours of spice and hot baked apple pie. The wine is fermented in oak barrels.


The rose wine is a charming light pink in colour. It is both crisp and refreshing and pairs well with appetizers and desserts. When you open the bottle you will smell flowers. It tastes like strawberries and ruby red grapefruit.


The Merlot is deep red in colour and pairs with almost anything. It has aromas of black cherry, vanilla, and sandalwood. It has many rich layers. On the one hand, you can taste red plums and cherries, but on another, you can taste cola. It is a silky wine that can be enjoyed on an everyday basis or served on special occasions.

Pinot Noir

This wine is full of character. It is made with grapes from the best growing areas. There are scents of summer strawberries, with notes of crushed violets and sweet dried herbs. The taste is of cherries, with a hint of leather and pipe tobacco.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The best Cabernet Sauvignon that Bogle produced was from 2016. The climate was very clement that year, with warm days and cool nights, the perfect conditions for growing grapes. You can both taste and smell cherries and cassis.

Old Vine Zinfandel

This is a very special wine as it is made from grapes grown on vines that are 60 – 80 years old. The wine is both fruity and spicy. You will both smell and taste raspberries, cranberries, blackberries, and cherries. There is also a taste of black pepper and cinnamon.

Petite Syrah

Syrah was the first grape planted by the Bogle family. It is an impressive wine and is deep purple in colour. It has an aroma of mocha and cocoa, with a taste of boysenberry and blueberry.

Petite Syrah Port

Perhaps you enjoy a glass of port with your cheese and biscuits. If so, this Petite Syrah Port is the perfect match. It is a powerful ruby red, with a taste that lingers long after you have sipped it. It is aged in oak barrels for 31 months and this produces an intense character. You will get the aroma of chocolate, mocha, and vanilla, with a hint of pipe tobacco. You will taste black raspberries and boysenberry jam. 

Phantom Red Blends

This wine is a blend of different grapes and it is spicy, with a taste of cherries. It leaves a long lingering taste of spice in your mouth.

Sustainability and Winemaking

The Bogle family run an Artisan Winemaking establishment. Artisan refers to a small producer who has his own vineyards and produces wine using traditional methods. The wines can differ from year to year and they have characteristics different to wines made by a mass producer. The Bogle family sets high standards for itself and as a result, produces unique wines. For example, all their red wine is aged in oak barrels. The Chardonnay is fermented in oak barrels and stirred by hand.  

Each field of grapes is vinted separately, which keeps the character of the wine. There is also a grading system and these two factors combined produce high-quality wine. Many family wineries won’t go to this much trouble as it can be expensive, but the Bogle family have even hired three winemakers from outside the family to give advice and share their expertise. 

Sustainability is also important to the Bogle family. They try hard to avoid the depletion of natural resources so that they can maintain an ecological balance. The Bogle winery is Certified Green by the California Rules for Sustainability. The growers that supply the Bogles must follow the guidelines as well. In 2018, almost all of their grapes were Certified Green.

Visit the Bogle Winery

The Bogle Winery is definitely worth a visit. It is situated in Clarksburg, California which is close to Sacramento. Tastings are offered in the tasting room and it is possible to have a picnic on the lawn outside the Ranch. The only negatives are that you can’t bring dogs to the grounds and that children aren’t allowed in the tasting room. 

Large groups are welcomed as long as you call in advance. You can also book the grounds for a special occasion such as a wedding or an anniversary.

In the tasting rooms, as well as the current wines, you will have the opportunity to taste wines from an exclusive reserve selection.    

Cost of the Wine

Bogle wines are reasonably priced so they are accessible to most people. They range from $6 to $16, although there are some more expensive wines from older vintages. 

Bogle wines are of great value because care has been taken to make the wines. You are also supporting a family business and one that uses sustainable practices.

What Do People Think of Bogle Wine and the Winery?

The reviews are generally positive. They say that the wines are excellent and the Winery is a great place to spend an afternoon relaxing with a picnic. However, some people complain that the Winery isn’t child or dog friendly. There have also been complaints about the cost of the wine tastings, but at $8 for eight tastings, we think that it is a reasonable price to pay.

Bogle Wine Recommendations

The Bogle Phantom Chardonnay 2016 is our first recommendation. It has rich layers and you will be confronted by aromas of green apples and pears, followed by spice. It tastes of cinnamon sprinkled on an apple right out of the oven.

The second recommendation is the Bogle Merlot 2018. There are aromas of black cherries, vanilla, and sandalwood. The taste is of mouthwatering red plums and cherries, with hints of cola. It is smooth and silky.

The last recommendation is the Bogle Rose 2019. It is a beautiful colour of blush pink and has fragrant, floral aromas. It tastes like strawberries and ruby red grapefruit. 

The Verdict

The wines that Bogle Winery produces are excellent. There has been a lot of thought and love put into each bottle. The visiting experience is not to everybody’s taste, but if you have a chance you should go. It will give you the chance to taste exclusive reserve wines. If you are in the US, you will easily be able to purchase Bogle wines as they have a wide distribution network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bogle produce good wines?

Yes. You can taste that the winemakers take their craft seriously. There is a good mixture of white and red wines and even a rose.

What type of wine does Bogle produce?

Bogle wines are an artisan winery. They are a small family business that has a passion for the craft of winemaking.

Is Bogle Merlot a sweet wine?

Bogle Merlot is balanced between sweet and dry. It is aged for 12 months in oak barrels giving the wine depth. It can be paired with just about any food.

Is Bogle wine vegan?

Most Bogle wines are vegan. The only exceptions are the older vintages. They had egg whites added to the fining process. 


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