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Antonio Galloni Leaves Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate and Sets Up New Site

Eric Asimov writing for the Diner’s Journal in The New York Times has broken the news that leading wine critic Antonio Galloni is leaving Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate to start his own wine enterprise: antoniogalloni.com .

Galloni had his own wine publication The Piedmont Report which he started in 2004 before joining The Wine Advocate (TWA) in 2006 as the Italian wine critic. Galloni also took on responsibility for Champagne, California and Burgundy and it was widely thought that Galloni would be Parker’s successor. However Parker announced in December last year that he was stepping down as Editor in Chief, had sold a substantial interest in TWA to 3 Singaporean investors and that his role would be filled by Lisa Perrotti-Brown (who resides in Singapore).

Asimov writes that Galloni has said that antoniogalloni.com will be aimed at younger wine consumers, using new technologies and different forms of media – unlike TWA which retains the flavour of print media:

My motivation has always been, how do you bring people closer to wine, how do you make stories tangible?’’ he said. “I want to use multimedia to bring those wines off the page directly to an audience. I think there’s a huge opportunity to engage people through media and technology. What’s difficult about wine is how complex a subject it is, and with technology, you can reach people in a great variety of ways.’’

I want to disseminate information in a continual flow rather than in big, massive articles that are too massive for people to digest.’’

Galloni also said that the recent sale of TWA had played a role in his decision as under Parker he could ‘operate independently under the rubric of TWA’ however having spoken to Perrotti-Brown it was obvious that this was going to change:

““I talked to Lisa, and it was clear that the best way for me to guarantee the highest level of independence and quality was to run my own business.’’

A telling sentence perhaps?

Galloni’s new site will report on the wines of Italy, Champagne, California and Burgundy, while expanding coverage to other regions as more staff members are added. He is in the process of putting together a team of investors and I wish him every success with his new venture.

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