Wedding Wines From Bordeaux-Undiscovered – Special Offer and Wine Guide

I have been kept busy with requests for Wedding Wine suggestions recently and it seems that the winter months are typically the time for planning the big day ahead. I enjoy tailoring selections of wines to Wedding menus and find that this is where my catering experience really pays off. Helping a couple plan their big day is always exciting and we had a large family Wedding ourselves to cater for this year which was fabulous!

Bordeaux-Undiscovered has a Wedding / Party Planning Service that you can contact here or if you’d prefer a chat please ring 0800 8766958 for some helpful advice. We have a Special Offer of a 10% discount available for Weddings which covers the entire range of wines (minimum order 5 cases).

If you’d like to take advantage of the Wedding Offer simply type in Wedding633 at the Checkout when ordering. Delivery is free on all 12 bottle cases and we will coordinate with your caterer or event planner to ensure your wines are delivered on time and on the specified day.

I thought the guide below on Wedding Wine would be useful for those of you who are planning ahead and, of course, if you have any questions please get in touch!

Wedding Wine Guid

It’s a good idea to taste before you buy so that you can choose the cream of the crop. I suggest gathering a few close friends and family together with the future bride and groom for a tasting before you order. Most wine merchants are happy to arrange a pre-order selection of wines based on your preferences – give me a ring and I will happily arrange it for you.

Which wines you finally choose is down to your particular tastes but bear in mind that it’s customary to have the following:

The Grand Entrance / Receiving Line – Guests are usually welcomed into the Wedding Reception with a glass of Champagne or Sparkling Wine which they sip with their canapés.

The Wedding Breakfast / Menu – Whether your Wedding Breakfast is a buffet or a three course dinner it’s best to serve both red and white wine. If you send me a copy of your menu I will be able to make suggestions for the best food and wine pairings but generally the more delicate flavoured foods (soups, fish or poultry) pair best with White Wine and the richer flavoured (beef, lamb or game) pair best with Red.

Rosé and Clairet Wines pair exceptionally well with cold meats and warm salads.

A Sparkling Wine or Sweet White Wine pairs well with Desserts and Wedding Cake (Sauternes is highly recommended). Red Wine is usually paired with hard strong cheese (Cheddar, Double Gloucester or Gouda) and Sweet White Wine with tangy blue-veined cheese (Stilton, Gorgonzola or Roquefort)

The Toast – The Toast is traditionally made with Champagne but a good Sparkling Wine such as a Cremant d’Alsace can offer superb quality and excellent value.

I can calculate how much Wedding Wine you will need but as a general rule, allow half a bottle per person then add a margin for safety.

A standard sized bottle of wine (75cl) will pour 6 wine glasses (125ml). So one case of wine (12 bottles) will provide 72 glasses.

Depending on the season you may find that your guests drink more of one type of wine than another. If the Wedding is to be held in the hot Summer months then your guests may drink more White Wine than Red and vice versa if you are having a Winter Wedding.

As a rough guide, assume each guest will consume about half a bottle of wine. Caterers generally agree that half a bottle of wine per head is enough for a lunchtime venue, while three quarters of a bottle per head covers an evening meal. However it’s better to have too much rather than too little.

If the Wedding is at a hired venue such as a Hotel or Restaurant it’s worth enquiring what their Corkage is should you want to have your own choice of wines at the Wedding. A Corkage fee is charged by the venue to patrons for opening and serving wines that they have not provided in-house. Corkage fees vary widely and can often be negotiable.

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