New Wines at Bordeaux-Undiscovered

We have some great new arrivals to tempt you with at Bordeaux-Undiscovered with a good choice of new wines at 12.5% abv. As well as a great range of clarets and white wines we are also proud to announce the discovery of a new Champagne – which is, quite simply, superb.

You will be pleased to see that we have cut the retail recommended price on each bottle! We have full details on each wine over at our wine shop and I will be blogging about the chateaux over the coming days – there are some interesting discoveries to tell you about!

Red Wines

Chateau de Hartes 2009 – 13% – RRP £12.25 – Our Price £9.35 – save £2.90 a bottle.

Chateau de Hartes is a dark crimson colour and has complex floral aromas with a good body, plenty of ripe black fruit and a hint of pepper, herbs and spice

Well balanced and smooth Chateau de Hartes will compliment roast beef, sirloin steak, rich casseroles, game pie, duck and strong cheeses well.

Chateau Ballan Larquette 2008 – 12.5% – RRP £11.15 – Our Price £8.56 – save £2.59 a bottle.

This is a lovely wine with dark firm blackcurrant flavours and earthy undertones as well as notes of black cherry, crushed black pepper and blueberry.

Rounded, well balanced and with ripe tannins Ballan Larquette is a versatile wine which will pair well with rack of lamb, Italian meat based pasta dishes, juicy rump steak and casseroles.

Chateau Des Trois Tours 2009 – 13.5% – RRP £12.25 – Our Price £9.05 – save £3.20 a bottle.

Chateau des Trois Tours has good ageing qualities but can be drunk young. It has an intense bouquet of lush red fruits and a very fine long liquorice finish. The wine is a deep dark garnet colour with well balanced tannins. A supple and complex wine – we recommend you decant 2 hours before serving.

The wine is ideal with beef, venison, game pies, duck, beef wellington and feathered game such as pheasant, guinea fowl and partridge. It’s also great with strong hard cheeses.

Chateau Grand Rousseau 2009 – 13.5% – RRP £12.50 – Our Price £9.74 – save £2.76 a bottle.

A charming deep ruby coloured claret with subtle red fruit flavours with notes of blackcurrant, blueberry, tobacco, earth and vanilla.

This is a round, smooth, well balanced wine with integrated tannins and a classical bouquet. It will pair well with roast beef and lamb, pork with stuffing, turkey, venison, duck, pheasant and hard cheeses.

Chateau Les Marcheys 2009 – 12.5% – RRP £10.95 – Our Price £7.79 – save £3.15 a bottle.

Chateau Les Marcheys is a very dense garnet-red with light ruby tints at its edge and is well balanced, supple and velvety on the palate. Les Marcheys is very aromatic with a powerful spicy nose and flavours of crushed ripe red berry fruits, leather and blackberries.

This is a wine that would pair well with an assortment of cold meats, salamis and sausages as well as steak char-grilled on the barbeque, grilled lamb and pork chops.

Chateau Montjouan “Tradition” 2006 – 12.5% – RRP £12.35 – Our Price £9.15 – save £3.20 a bottle

Chateau Montjouan is a stylish, elegant wine which is beautifully balanced. The 2006 is a very dark crimson with rich flavours of cassis, blackberries, cedar, cigar box and spice with a little hint of pepper. The tannins are well integrated and the wine is supple with good length.

Chateau Montjouan “Tradition” would pair well with braised steak, daube of beef, lamb shank, venison and pigeon, roast duck, cheeses and pastas with rich meat sauces.

Chateau Les Petits Moines 2009 – 14.5% – RRP £12.65 – Our Price £9.35 – save £3.30 a bottle

Chateau Les Petits Moines 2009 was awarded a gold medal in the Bordeaux Challenge International du Vin in May 2011. This is an impressive wine that offers superb value for money considering its quality. The 2009 is a deep dense garnet red wine, well balanced, silky and very well structured with layers of blackcurrant, rich red fruits and oak followed by hints of cloves, rosemary and spice.

Chateau Les Petits Moines will pair very well with rump steak, rack of lamb, roast duck and pigeon as well as sharper flavoured cheeses and salami. Try it with spicy chicken dishes, braised liver and bacon or beef wellington.

Chateau Vrai Caillou Bordeaux Superieur 2009 – 12.5% – RRP £13.15 – Our Price £9.74 – save £3.41 a bottle

Château Vrai Caillou “Les Vignes de la Garène” is a cracking Bordeaux Supérieur and is a dark crimson colour and is an elegant, silky, traditional claret with good structure and supple, well balanced tannins. The bouquet is packed with ripe black cherry and cassis and the flavour is full of layers of intense blackcurrants, violets, vanilla, earth and spice.

This is a luscious wine – plump and rounded. It will pair well with roast lamb, beef and duck. Try it with rich casseroles, steak cooked on the barbecue, pigeon, venison and mild cheeses.

White Wines

Chateau Les Eymeries Blanc 2008 – 12% – RRP £11.75 – Our Price £8.74 – save £3.05 a bottle

Chateau Les Eymeries is very well made indeed and has minerally aromas with hints of honey which lead to both tartness and richness in the mouth. It is well structured, crisp, fruity and mouth wateringly fresh with flavours of sweet melon, pineapple, pink grapefruit and lemon.

Les Eymeries is perfect with seafood, fish and cheeses (goats cheese in particular) – try it with smoked trout or baked salmon, sushi, creamy pastas, poultry and warm salads.

Chateau Mayne Pargade 2010 – 12.5% – RRP £11.30 – Our Price £8.36 – save £2.94 a bottle

Chateau Mayne Pargade is a superb white wine with a pale silvery yellow colour that has a pearlescent sheen. Mayne Pargade is very aromatic with floral notes of sweet summer hay, broom blossom and honey. This wine has good crisp acidity and is well balanced with flavours of pear, quince and lime.

Mayne Pargade will pair well with chicken, smoked salmon and gravlax, white fish and seafood, pork, quiches and soft cheese.

Chateau Vrai Caillou “Les Vignes de la Garene” 2010 – 12.5% – RRP £13.15 – Our Price £9.74 – save £3.41 a bottle

Château Vrai Caillou “Les Vignes de la Garène” is a lovely white wine with a clear white/green tinted colour and has aromas of melon, ripe fig and acacia blossom. This is a bright, fresh and elegant wine with flavours of peach and lemon and a hint of smoke and spice.

Vrai Caillou will pair very well with seafood such as scallops, prawns, lobster, moules mariniere, smoked chowders, salmon, trout and white fish. It’s also great with warm chicken salads and mild cheeses.


Champagne Morel Pere et Fils Brut Reserve – 12.5% – RRP £35.00 – Our Price £25.96 – save £9.04 a bottle

Champagne Morel Pere et Fils Brut Reserve hails from Les Riceys in the heart of the La Côte des Bars. The Morel Brut Reserve is a fantastic gold medal winning Champagne. Made from a blend of 90% Pinot Noir, 10% Chardonnay this Champagne is well balanced and full of finesse.

This is an aromatic Champagne with notes of dried apricot, white flowers, toasted brioche and delicate hints of red berries, citrus and spice. The bubbles are fine, soft and long lasting and the Champagne combines richness with elegance.

The Champagne pairs extremely well with food and is perfect for special occasions.

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