Wine Reviews

How to Find the Best Chocolate Wine

Perhaps the mixture of chocolate and wine seem strange to you, but we are here to persuade you to think differently.  There are records showing that chocolate wine has been around since the 1700s, but it only became popular about 12 years ago. At this time, it was introduced to the US and was well … Read more

A Review of Apothic Dark Wine: Is This a Great Bottle?

Apothic Wines History “Apotheca” was the inspiration for the name Apothic. During 13th century Europe, wine was blended and stored in this mysterious and enigmatic place. The wines have intense aromas, tasting notes, and bold flavors because they are crafted using only the most distinct California grapes. Moreover, the winemaker tries to give the grapes … Read more

Brazil and Wine

Whilst at Vinexpo this year there was much talk of Brazil having the potential to become a major consumer of wine.  Wine Intelligence have some good reports on the Brazilian  wine market as does Mike Veseth over at The Wine Economist. Brazil has a population of around 200 million and its economy is the world’s seventh largest economy … Read more

Breton Wine

There has been a storm in a tea cup recently over the naming of French wines – our fellow Celts across the Channel in Brittany won a victory earlier this year over the DGCCRF (the French consumer fraud office) who had planned proceedings against winemaker brothers Christophe and Philippe Chéneau for their Breizh Gwin Gwen, or “Breton White Wine”. reported that the … Read more