Wine News

India’s Wine Industry Stalls

I read an article by Jason Overdorf in the Global Post: India’s wine boom going bust? which surprised me given the news that Indian wine was breaking into the UK market with Waitrose becoming the first UK supermarket to stock wines from the sub continent. India is also being recognised in international competitions: Sula Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2010, produced … Read more

Ghostly Wine Connoisseur

Over the weekend it has been reported that a ghostly wine connoisseur has been making its feelings known about the wine list at the Court Oak in Harborne, Birmingham. The pub is part of the Sizzling chain and was built in 1932. However it is thought that the pub was built on the site of … Read more

Is the Wine in your Bottle Worth the £5 You Spent on It?

You may have read Guy Woodward’s recent articles in Decanter UK ”Wine drinkers are ‘discount junkies’, says research” and in the Guardian “Why won’t the British treat wine seriously?” The articles were in response to Guy being accused of being a wine snob by Asda, which took umbrage at his comment in an interview on BBC Radio 5 that “it’s pretty … Read more

Introducing the Sommelier Robot with the Electronic Tongue . . .

Well we have had Water Sommeliers, Beer Sommeliers, Tea Sommeliers and even Italian Sommelier Poilce but now we have a Robot Sommelier. The Robot Sommelier comes in the form of an electronic tongue which was created by researchers at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain. The research team used voltammetric measurements to copy the human taste system and distinguish between … Read more

Wine Fountain Recreated at Hampton Court Palace

A fully-working replica of Henry VIII’s wine fountain has been installed at Hampton Court Palace in London and will flow with both red and white wine for visitors at weekends and bank holidays. It was built after the remains of a similar 16th century fountain were discovered during an archaeological dig at the palace a couple … Read more

Is the Government too Influenced by Supermarkets?

The UK Government is ‘too influenced’ by supermarkets and the drinks industry according to a new Report issued by MPs. has reported that the the Commons Health Committee said the drinks industry and supermarkets hold more power over the government than health experts and called for a minimum price for alcohol, a rise in duty and … Read more

Why Do We Drink White Wine Cold?

How many of you drink white wine at room temperature and how many of you prefer it cold? I know the tradition is to have our white wines cold with bottles being kept in the fridge or in wine coolers packed with ice but you can destroy the flavours in your wine if you serve it … Read more

Comet Vintages and Drinking Wine by Starlight

What makes a good vintage? The weather? Well, apparently comets do. I spotted Dwayne Perreault’s blog on Comet Vintages over at Bordoverview and was fascinated. There is a legend amongst wine makers that comets create great vintages – and strangely enough it seems to be correct. Comet Vintages are years during which a comet is visible to the naked eye … Read more