Drinking with Your Eyes – Wine Labels of The Future?

Wine labels can seduce us into buying a bottle of wine and David Schuemann’s book 99 Bottles of Wine exposes some of the industry’s secrets about the subliminal messages that trick us into making that purchase. Schuemann is the creative director for CF Napa Brand Design (whose clients include the likes of Fetzer and Duckhorn) and he has conducted consumer … Read more

It’s All in the Name

The press have been reporting a story concerning a row over a wine called Kiwi Cuvée. What’s wrong with that, you might think? Well, the wine is French. It’s made by Lacheteau, based in the Loire Valley, and their Sauvignon Blanc, labelled Kiwi Cuvee, is already sold in supermarkets in Europe and Britain. Lacheteau are easily the largest wine company … Read more

Braille Wine Labels

Wine labelling is somewhat of a nightmare when you consider what they should and should not put on the label but one area where they really fall down is that they do not cater for the blind. It is very rare to find a wine label in Braille. In 1996 Michel Chapoutier pioneered the labelling … Read more