Phantoms of the Chateaux

Halloween is fast approaching and I thought I would tell you a spooky story or two.  At this time of year at Halloweens past I have blogged about Vampires in Bordeaux, (and no, I wasn’t referring to Negotiants but the Count Dracula sort), Werewolves, Witches and Sorceresses, Goblins and Fairies and lots of Halloween inspired wines.  This … Read more

Werewolves in France

Luckily there won’t be a Full Moon on Halloween this year, but it will be the day shortly after on November 2nd. The Full Moon means that there could be werewolves on the prowl and in France it was said that a man could turn into a werewolf (loup garou in French) if he, on a certain … Read more

Haunted Chateaux

Halloween is approaching and I thought it would be fun to scare you a little with some Chateau ghost stories! So make sure you have a fortifying glass of claret to hand, sit back and enjoy! Earlier this year Chateau Lagorce in Bordeaux was the site of a paranormal investigation by Ghost Hunters International – a spin-off series of Ghost … Read more