Bénicarlo and Bordeaux – Going Forward to the Past

A while ago I wrote about how Bordeaux used to improve its blends in the past. Of course it is not permitted to add wines from another region let alone country to Bordeaux today under the AOC rules but it is fascinating to trace the developments of the wine throughout the ages. The 18th century practice … Read more

‘A’ rated security for our customers

How secure do you feel when shopping for wine online? As Christmas approaches and with more and more people ordering online it’s definitely a question we should be asking ourselves. With Bordeaux-Undiscovered you can be assured we take security to the highest level to keep you safe. As an independent online wine merchant we have … Read more

What is Declassified Bordeaux and why are we being told it is Special? The Key Facts

ver the past few years Declassified Bordeaux Wines have been creeping into the mainstream. Few people know about them and lots of people are put off as ‘declassified’ doesn’t imply the wine will be good quality. The truth, in fact, is the exact opposite. Chateaux are secretive about their Declassified Wines Declassified Wine is haunted … Read more

What is Claret?

A customer recently contacted me after receiving his Claret and Cheese Gift Box querying that there was no mention of Claret on any of the bottle labels. The wines were Clarets so why don’t the French label them that? The reason is a simple one. Claret is the British name for Bordeaux Red Wine. The … Read more

The Mother of All Malbecs

Malbec World Day falls on 17th April this year and many of you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. It’s a celebration commemorating the day back in 1853 when Malbec was brought to Argentina. Most folks are surprised to learn that despite flourishing there, Malbec isn’t an Argentinian grape . . . … Read more

Myth Busting: Sulphites in Wine

Does the warning ‘contains sulphites’ on the label of a bottle of wine cause you to think twice? Such a warning can worry a lot of wine lovers . . . but it’s overkill on the part of bureaucrats. We are doing a little myth busting on scary sulphites – read on to discover if … Read more

Marselan from the Med reaches our shores at last!

Wines made with Marselan, the red grape born on the Mediterranean coast, are making waves as far afield as China. Marselan is a newcomer and it’s well worth keeping an eye out for. It produces deeply coloured, very fragrant wines with rich ripe fruit flavours and soft, supple tannins – you can almost taste the … Read more