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Bordeaux-Undiscovered’s new website is now live and I am really pleased with its new look! Please check it out and see what you think! It has lots of new features and a whole range of new wines to add to our favourites.
We have made the site easier to navigate and you can search for a wine by grape, style or price. You’ll also find suggestions for Summer Wines, our Wines for Weddings and Celebrations, a Food and Wine Pairing section with Recipes as well as in depth information on the Appellations of Bordeaux.
A new feature: Nick’s Cellar contains a selection of fine wines that I recommend from my own cellar: Chateaux Bellefont Belcier 06La Tour du Pin 06,
Sansonnet 06La Fleur Morange 07Mathilde 07L’Enclos 06Gloria 08Meyney 06Moulin Riche 06.You’ll notice that we have two new Bordeaux Superieurs: Chateau Roc de Levraut £8.35 and Chateau Sainte Marie £9.95.
Roc de Levraut is regularly an award winning wine and is produced by Remi and Roger Ballarin. They are the third generation to run the Roc de Levraut.
The family purchased the chateau in the 1930s and back then the work was was carried out with a pair of oxen.
The reputation of Chateau Sainte Marie in Targon dates back several centuries, as the vineyard belonged to the 12th century Benedictine Abbeye de la Sauve Majeure (one of the most ancient abbeys in France).
The Dupuch-Mondon family have been running this estate since 1956 with fierce commitment, talent and a great attachment to the originality of the terroir.

The gold medal winning Chateau Loyasson £7.99 is also owned by the Ballarin family of Roc de Levraut and is one of several superb food friendly clarets that I have added to our site.

Chateau Bel Air £8.99 and Teyssier £8.90 in Blasimon are two of three wines made by the Moysson-Le Collen family named for the hamlets around the chateau: Teyssier, Bédat and Bel Air.

The origin of this château goes back to the 11th and 12th centuries. In the Middle Ages monks planted their vines here.

For a long time it was also the meeting place for hunting, used by the Counts of Rudel, Lords of Rauzan. Centuries later it was this family who gave their name to the Margaux Second Growths Chateaux Rauzan Gassies and Rauzan Ségla.

Chateau Chevalier d’Albran £7.96 is made by Chateau Mondain in the tiny hamlet of Juillac, close to Castillon La Bataille, on the left bank of the River Dordogne.

The Ciroli family have been making wine here since the second world war and the third generation are now in charge. The Ciroli’s named Chevalier d’Albran in homage to the legendary Knight who defended Juillac during the Aquitaine Conquests in the late 1350s against The Black Prince.

Chateau Millet Lartigue £7.80 is owned by Jean-François Eymery who is also a wine consultant at the Dordogne Chamber of Agriculture’s Vine Academy and is involved in conservation work as well as the experimental vineyard at Monbazillac.

Based in Gardonne, Jean-François’ vines are grown around the region of AOC Sainte Foy Bordeaux which borders the Dordogne, close to the AOC of Bergerac.

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