20% OFF Special Offer – Easy Drinking 12.5 abv Case

Our special offer this week focuses on wines that are only 12.5 abv. We have chosen two lovely clarets: Chateau La Raballe 2007 and Chateau Roc de Segur 2007 and slashed 20% off the price.

Instead of costing you nearly £111.00 a case the price is now £88.56 – delivered to your door for free – (that’s only £7.38 a bottle!). Our Easy Drinking 12.5 abv Case contains 6 bottles of each wine.

We know this will be a popular choice as many of our customers ask for these wines as they are easy to drink, taste fruitier and bring out the flavours of many a dish. What’s more you can enjoy more than a glass without feeling heady.

In years past it was common to have wines are 12% but warmer seasons, changing styles and better wine making techniques have led to the rise of alcohol levels. Red wines in particular seem to be difficult to find under 13% but we make it our mission to track down beautiful examples of wines exhibiting lower alcohol levels that are not overblown.

Chateau Roc de Segur 2007 – 12.5%

A lovely claret that has flavours of rich blackberry cassis, ripe raspberries, cedar and spice with a hint of black cherry, herbs and earthiness. The tannins are velvety and supple; the wine is very well balanced and has a lovely long finish. Roc de Segur is an excellent food wine that pairs brilliantly with roast duck, venison, pheasant, lamb, beef and rich casseroles.

Chateau La Raballe 2007 – 12.5%

A smooth, sensuous, deep claret with intense brambly flavours of ripe blackberries, blueberries, and spice and with hints of violets, graphite, oak and smoke. It will pair splendidly with game: partridge, pheasant and venison as well as duck, beef as well as charcuterie (salamis, smoked sausage) and even rich spicy dishes.

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