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David Beckham’s New Club to Launch Chateau Beckham Wine

Thebeckham First Division French football club, Paris Saint-Germain who have recently signed up David Beckham are apparently planning to release a red wine following his debut for the Ligue 1 side yesterday (and reputed to have made the second goal having come on in the 70th minute of the game). What’s more Chateau Beckham will be a Bordeaux.

Paris Saint-Germain are in negotiations with a wine maker from the Côtes de Bourg to produce the wine. The plan is to sell it alongside branded merchandise such as scarves and memorabilia. Chateau Beckham will also be sold in club shops, restaurants and bars later this year.

Beckham will have his own personalised label, along with other star players such as Swedish striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The labels will be designed by Francis Lamblin, who owns Chateau Lamblin, an organic 4 hectare vineyard in Comps which lies the Côtes de Bourg, 12 miles west of Bordeaux.

Lamblin has been creating personalised labels sibeckham 3nce 2004. According to The Drinks Business, he met Paris Saint-Germain’s commercial director, Antoine Thery, in January and presented him with a mock-up featuring Ibrahimovic.

Lamblin’s labels have a special design where the front can be peeled away to open a small booklet with information about the wine.

David Beckham is said to be embracing French culture, learning the language and taking cookery classes from the head chef at the Bristol Hotel where the club have secured a suit for David and his family the normal rate of which is €7500 per night! He has also giving his £170,000 per week salary to a chabeckham 2rity which runs a children’s home in Paris.

He bought a Californian vineyard as a birthday present for his wife Victoria 4 years ago (they became interested in wine whilst in Spain and attended a wine tasting course after a day touring the Bodega Emilio Moro, a famous Spanish winery 150 miles north of Madrid at Ronaldo’s suggestion). They began to collect wines for the cellar of their home and are said to be passionate about vintage wines.

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