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Saint Emilion 2012 Classification – Declassified Chateaux

Following on from my Blog yesterday Saint Emilion 2012 Classification Threatened I thought it would be useful to clarify a few points about the chateaux that were declassified. As I previously mentioned 5 chateaux that were not on the official list of 2012 Grand Cru Classé from the INAO simply disappeared due to being absorbed into other estates. These were:

Chateau Magdelaine integrated with Belair-Monage.

Chateau Bergat integrated with Trotte Vielle

Chateau Cadet Piola integrated with Soutard

Chateau Haut Corbin integrated with Grand Corbin

Chateau Matras integrated with Canon

The chateaux that have been declassified are Chateau Corbin Michotte, Chateau La Tour du Pin Figeac (Giraud-Bélivier) and Chateau La Tour du Pin (owned by LVMH / Arnault and Frère) – not to be confused with Chateau La Tour Figeac which retains its Grand Cru Classé status and is currently owned by the Rettenmaler family.

Chateau Corbin Michotte is owned by Boidron family and was ranked as Grand Cru Classé in 1955. The estate has been owned by the family since 1959 when it was purchased by Jean Noel Boidron, a former professor at the Institute of Oenology of Bordeaux, whose ancestors settled in at Château Calon in 1855. The family not only own Chateau Calon (St Georges St Emilion) and Corbin Michotte but also Cantelauze (Pomerol), Fonguillon and Le Petit Sauvage (Montagne Saint Emilion) and produce Mayne d’Olivet (AOC Bordeaux) and Manse d’Elodé (AOC Bordeaux Rosé).

Chateau La Tour Pin Figeac (Giraud-Bélivier) and Chateau La Tour du Pin were once part of the Chateau Figeac estate. In 1879 a 91 acre section of vines was purchased from Figeac by a M. Corbière to form Château La Tour Figeac. Two years later half the land was sold again and further divided into the estates Château La Tour du Pin Figeac (Moueix) – purchased in 1947 by Antoine Moueix, uncle of Jean Pierre Moueix – and Château La Tour du Pin Figeac (Giraud-Bélivier).

Chateau La Tour Pin Figeac (Giraud-Bélivier) has been owned by the Giraud-Bélivier family since 1923 and was ranked as Grand Cru Classé in 1955. The family also own Chateaux Le Caillou (Pomerol) and La Pontête (Graves de Vayres).

Château La Tour du Pin Figeac (Moueix) was also ranked as a Grand Cru Classé in 1955 and was purchased in 2006 by Bernard Arnault and Albert Frère of LVMH and co-owners of Chateaux Cheval Blanc, d’Yquem and Quinault L’Enclos.

I must admit I was surprised to see that these chateaux had not retained their status, although La Tour du Pin (LVMH / Arnault and Frère) is under new management with its purchase in 2006 so it’s still got plenty of potential as it’s a fairly new enterprise.  I hope to see them regain their rank in the next Classification.


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