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Wine Inspired Fashion

If any wine lovers have seen the chocolate inspired dresses in the news recently from the Paris Salon du Chocolat held in Shanghai you may be wondering if wine has ever inspired haute couture . . .

Well back in 2007 we did have a dress made from wine – Australian scientists found a way to ‘grow’ clothes out of red wine. Boffins at the University of Western Australia, researching alternatives to conventional cotton, created a fabric from wine. The rubbery cellulose layer formed as a waste product when wine is made into vinegar is used to create a “fermented fabric”. The inspiration for the project was gained when the scientist, Gary Cass, was working in a vineyard several years ago. There are drawbacks to the new fabric. It must be kept wet as the short cellulose fibres are like tissue paper when dry and are easily torn. It doesn’t look very appealing either . . .

Unlike this fantastic image advertising Vinexpo, which is to be held in Hong Kong 25th – 27th May this year! Vinexpo is an international wine and spirit exhibition that was created in 1981, by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

It has established itself over the years as the key event for major international operators in the wine and spirits sector. It’s held in Bordeaux every uneven-numbered year and has grown tremendously. In 1981 there were 524 exhibitors (including 96 from outside France) from 21 countries and 11,000 professional visitors from 50 countries but in 2009: there were 2,400 exhibitors from 48 countries, 46,621 professional visitors from 135 countries and 1,367 journalists and writers! It’s a great showcase for products from all over the world, visited by buyers from every corner of the globe, and is a place for exchange and debate in the heart of the greatest fine wine growing area in the world.

As for wine inspired fashion for men I tracked down a site in the USA called Little Barrel Clothing. It was set up by wine lovers Taylor Latham (daughter of American TV journalist Lesley Stahl) and Andrew Major based on an idea that they had during their vineyard wedding in Santa Barbara’s wine country.

They wanted to give family and friends something to remind them of the vineyard experience (something that would last more than a few sips). When they couldn’t find unique or fashionable enough gifts, they decided to make them and created the first Little Barrel designs. They offer ties, scarves, head bands and totes as well as catering for wedding gifts. Wine themed vineyard weddings are popular in the states – I wonder if the trend will take off over here?

Finally for those amongst us who want to drink their wine in a fashionable manner there is the zip inspired wine glass . . . I think that’s taking it a little too far don’t you think?

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3 Responses to Wine Inspired Fashion

  1. Agent Nancy says:

    Little Barrel Designs items are beautifully constructed and are packaged in elegant wrappings. They make lovely gifts. You can find them on http://Shop.DancingSpoon.com under the "FoodieWear" category.

  2. shuja azhar says:

    i am working on wine for my new collection can i get help from u ?