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Le Boudin Blanc

Regular readers of my blog rarely find me reviewing restaurants I have visited because most do not seem to have anything special to offer and therefore not worthy of noting. The exception was the Four Seasons in New York which I visited with my family a couple of years ago which should be avoided at all costs – the food was mediocre at best, the service was appalling and the atmosphere was non existent and it was jolly expensive to boot.

However at the other end of the scale there is a restaurant which was recommended to me by a good friend who works in London and has visited Le Boudin Blanc on a number of occasions.

After being on our feet all day at the Landmark promoting La Fleur Morange and Mathilde, at the Decanter Fine French wine Encounter Jean-François, Veronique, Pierre and myself booked a table at Le Boudin Blanc for 7pm that evening. We spent a most enjoyable time being served sumptuous food and drinking some glorious wines. The restaurant, the staff and the food were faultless.

The ambiance was welcoming, it was friendly and by no means uncomfortable. The menu choice wasn’t vast but had something for everyone with difficult choices to make for any diner. With over 350 wines to choose from the wine list was comprehensive from which we chose a Bourgogne White and a bottle of Pink Champagne which truly refreshed the palate at the end of the meal.

The four of us had different things to eat and without exception all of us thought how good the food was. I started with escargots, which probably were the best I have ever tasted, as they were not over cooked. You could taste the meat rather than just the garlic and parsley butter – which in itself was very tasty dunking my freshly baked French bread into it soaking it up. I followed it with a fillet steak (blue) with Béarnaise Sauce, cream potatoes and spinach – all were faultless. As a pedantic consumer of steak I always ask for it to be cooked very, very blue and for one of the very first times I can remember it was cooked exactly how I like it. I finished off with a chocolate sponge and a hazel nut ice cream. As I tucked into my little chocolate bomb oodles of dark chocolate sauce came pouring out and it was simply divine.

Going there reminded me of eating in France and you would have been forgiven had you thought you were actually there.

What was really nice was nothing was too much trouble for the waiting staff and everything they did was done with a smile on their faces and in a pleasant unrushed manner.

Regarding price it wasn’t overly expensive for the food and service you received and I would say it was really good value for your money. Starters had an average price of around £8 and as for the main courses – well, my steak was £25, which for central London where it is easy to get ripped off with high prices and mediocre food and service I didn’t think it was too bad!

Le Boudin Blanc based in Sheperd’s Market is definitely worth a visit if you are sight seeing in London and a must if you live or work there.

Yann the sommelier, talking here with Jean-Francois was very impressed not only to chat with him as the wine maker but with both the Mathilde 2007 and La Fleur Morange 2006 which he gave us permission to take along to show him – who knows may even be appearing on their wine list shortly. If it does I will let you know.

Irrespective if it does or not, Le Boudin Blanc is defiantly a must for those of you who appreciate good food, good wine, good service and a charming ambient busy atmosphere to enjoy a meal. Should you visit I am sure you will be smittened by all that this lovely restaurant has to offer. Enjoy the whole evening, you will not be rushed and you will be charmed!

Bon appetite mes amies!

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One Response to Le Boudin Blanc

  1. joeshico says:

    My daughter just returned from New York and confirmed what you said about the Four Seasons. For all of the publicity and high ratings she said the food was not all that great,
    Don’t know when her next trip to London will be, but I will surely recommend the Le Boudin Blanc.